How To Become Union President

The Duties of A Union President
The union president has the job of maintaining all union business, which includes employer and union member relations.  A union president should be well versed in how and why a union functions as well as the impact of union activities on management and union members. In addition, a union president must remain vigilant of all legislation in process prior to its passage that would have any influence on the union, union members and their jobs.  A union president needs to have a clear idea of what each union member's job responsibilities are and insure that the workplace is a safe environment for union workers.

It is the job of the union president to preside over all meetings, effect union meeting agendas and to insure all union members are provided with full meeting information and all other union news. Some union presidents also oversee the publication of a union member newsletter as its editor-in-chief.  The union president and his executive board are responsible for maintaining collection of union members' union dues.

In some cases, a union president is provided a stipend by the union for his duties. The union president and executive board members of the union often must deliberate whenever an employee is having difficulty with management and requires union representation. The union president may also be required to travel to other union "locals" at any given time if a problem arises.  A union "local" is one organization from among several in a large union.

How To Become A Union President
Most unions are federations of employees with like interests and issues that pertain to their employment and place of employment that are discussed in an open meeting forum.  Union members generally all work under a union contract formulated by the union.  These contracts are negotiated by management and the union's chief executives who represent the entire union membership in a formal slate of negotiations.

At annual contracted intervals, union members vote as a group for their representatives.  This is how to become a union president.  Union members are usually not part of management and they select from a slate of candidates who are campaigning for the position of union president.  Thus, union members are largely responsible for the choice of union president and other union executives on the union's board of trustees.  A union member must declare his interest in this position at a specified time prior to the actual election of union board members.

The most important steps to learn how to become a union president is to be recognized as an active union leader with full and complete knowledge and to place yourself among candidates vying for positions on the union board.  A union president is usually a member with union longevity.


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