How To Build Your Skills Inventory

When looking for a new job, it is not only important that you answer interview questions well. You should also know what you can offer the company in order to get hired. The time to think about your list of skills or skills inventory is way before the time of the job interview. It would help you know yourself better so as to be able to sell yourself more efficiently as an employee. You can build your skills inventory by following the steps below. 

  1. Get a copy of your resume. Go through each job that you had in the past year or so. Start with your last or current job. On a blank paper, enumerate all the jobs that you had and the companies that you worked for allowing a large space in between the numbers.
  2. In each job, recall the responsibilities that you had for that designation. Write down all you could think of as part of what made you an asset to the company. Even mundane tasks like arranging files should not be omitted. If you had a job where you dealt with different projects, then list down the projects you were involved with. It would help refresh your memory.
  3. If you have time, you can get in touch with a co worker or a friendly superior and see if you can find out what good skills you had from before. You might be surprised at what they have to say. Write down what you can get from them even if it is just a few.
  4. Begin categorizing your skills. You can list down psychological, time management, Technical, Motivational, management skills and make a table. Cross check from what you have earlier written on the other paper. Put the skills where you deem they may fall into.
  5. Read what you have listed and check if you have placed everything in the right category. Go through each one and see if you have missed any particular thing that you used to do on those jobs.
  6. You can put some of the skills you have listed and incorporate that into your resume. This will also help in impressing your prospective employer. Remember what you could from your list or memorize it so you can ace your interview. Just be sure that you are not making things up for you might have to back them up.
  7. If after the suggestions above, you are still at a loss on what to write. You can check out University of Kent website.This website will give you an analysis of your employable skills. Although specified for new job hunters, it can help you in realizing what skills you are adept with.

Building a skills inventory can give you an edge over other applicants. Once you know yourself fully and know what you have to offer, you will know what you are really worth. It would be good to know all your skills so you can practice it in a job that can fulfill you.


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