How To Choose a General Contractor

It’s not a joke spending thousands even millions of dollars for a building. Commercial or not, every building that you will build is a great investment. It should last forever and should be strong enough to handle natural calamities. But having the ideal building can be expensive. It’s okay to spend more if you can get that ideal building, anyway. What’s unacceptable is spending more for a building than its monetary value.

Sad to say, weak infrastructures are real. These lost investments could have been saved had their owners properly chosen the right general contractor for the job. Now, you are in this situation—will you prioritize saving time or will you prioritize saving your investment? The latter is the best pick and for that, here is what you should do when choosing the best general contractor for your project:

  1. Start identifying your infrastructure needs. Should it be a sturdy vacation house or a fanciful commercial building? Looking for a general contractor without having any idea of what you really need will be very difficult. Worse, you might end up getting the contractor that won’t really give you what you need.
  2. Gather names of possible general contractors. Ask friends or your colleagues for recommended general contractors. You should at least have three choices. Make sure you already know the background of these three.
  3. Check the background of each of the general contractors. Screen the three contractors by calling them and asking few questions about their past projects, their clients, their accomplishments, and their future plans. Don’t forget to ask their references as third-party source for checking their background. Ask about their services and how they fulfilled the jobs needed.
  4. Ask for estimates from your choice. Never get estimates without talking with the general contractor personally. It might only become a guessing game and he might quote you cheaper than the real cost, which might lead to the use of sub-standard materials.
  5. Compare and assess the estimates from the three general contractors. Don’t just look at the total price and decide depending on who offers the cheapest rate. Check the conditions of the contractors, the materials they will use, the length of the project, and the number of people that will be working on the project. Remember Step 1? The ideal general contractor should be someone that will fulfill all your needs.
  6. Finalize your decision in selecting the general contractor.  So you finally have chosen the best contractor for the job. But you want to make some new arrangements and conditions. Perhaps you want the job done within a shorter time frame or you want  him to use other brands or other materials. Negotiate with that contractor you have chosen. He might agree with your new conditions. If you can’t agree on something that will both be beneficial for you, then it’s better you try negotiating with the next contractor in your list.

Don’t forget to check the contractor’s insurance coverage. It’s very important when dealing with a project involving a large amount of money.

By following these steps to choose a general contractor, you can be sure you’re already hundreds of steps on your way to ending up with a successful construction project.


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