How To Choose an Immigration Lawyer

Before we ever decide to look for an immigration lawyer, we have to be acquainted first with immigration law. We should know that immigration law cannot be handled by just any lawyer but an immigration lawyer. So if you dream to go to another country, particularly the US, you will seek a lawyer who handles the legalities for admission to that country. The law also encompasses asylum, naturalization, denaturalization, and deportation. Immigration crimes, including illegal immigration or aliens who enter the U.S. and obtain work illegally are also under this branch of law.

How do we choose an immigration lawyer? Immigration lawyers have the experience and in-depth knowledge to advise and represent in all areas of immigration law. When we say immigration lawyers, the team comprises of lawyers who have been independently recognized as leading lawyers in the field of immigration and nationality law.

There is no best way to select a competent, experienced, and ethical immigration attorney. A number of steps aliens and their employers can take to determine the professional standing and competence of an immigration attorney should be considered. Take note that in order to obtain certification as an immigration lawyer a 7-hour written examination is taken and passed. This is a program for lawyers which recognize the practice of immigration law as a certified legal specialty. These certified specialists are found in an official list which may be obtained online.

Recommendations are ary important. The names of reputable immigration lawyers can be recommended by other lawyers or business associates. Friends and relatives of these reputable names are also willing to give recommendations.

In the US you can find information about attorneys and law firms by visiting an online service of a prestigious law firm's legal directory. The lawyer's biographical data and specialty are provided with ratings on their legal expertise and ethical standards.

You have to make a shortlist of all the names that you wish to consider. Ask each one of them regarding their education and experience as an immigration lawyer. Make a personal evaluation of the lawyer's competence, experience, trustworthiness and various relevant personality traits. Consider also the legal work to be rendered and their fees.

As client, you also have responsibilities. Tell you attorney the whole truth. If you are not satisfied with his services, you can replace him by signing a form. During the immigration process there are paper works to get done. But if your case is straightforward you can even manage the process yourself, and you do not really need to hire an immigration lawyer. You will thus save a lot of money.

If you hire an immigration lawyer your time and confidence to prepare the forms yourself will be avoided. Legal assistance is needed if your case is a bit complicated. To hire an immigration lawyer get reference from your family, friends and colleagues. Search the lawyers' association website. Interview the lawyers who are in your shortlist to find who is familiar with your case. Find out if your chosen lawyer is licensed and in good standing.


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