How To Choose Army Careers in Australia

Are you thinking about the next step to take after graduation? In the government, there are several navy and military careers that you might be interested in. As a public servant, you are obliged to defend the state from any invaders and protect its safety and democracy. There are several army careers available nowadays.

The Australian Army is great national institution. It is generally based on the military partnership of one of the nation’s tribal ancestors-the Anzacs.  The main mission of the Australian Army is to protect the security of the nation and its interests. The army is one of the most technically advanced institutions in the land. It is also one of Australia’s top employers providing thousands of jobs to its countrymen. The Australian Army can offer a variety of army career choices that will help you develop as a professional and as a private individual. There are options ranging from technical, academic, technical and trade education that you can choose from. There is a big chance that you’ll find the career that best suits you in the army.

The Institution also holds annual Army Employment Exhibits that provides the general information to the public. During this event, you will have the chance to know more about the Army life and Army careers better. You may also meet the soldiers and officers themselves and ask them their personal experiences, advice, etc.  in the army. The exhibit also highlights certain activities such as free skill testing with the use of army bikes, laser dome, obstacle courses, an aerial ropeway slide and even singing and music workshops for the participants.

Some of the benefits of joining the army reserves are flexible hours (you can be on a part time employment only) and a tax-free competitive compensation.

There are nine major career categories to choose from. You may be in the Army Recruiting, Army Reserve Training, Civilian Careers, Army Career Management, Navy Careers, Air Force Careers, Stay Army and Project Boomerang. You may check out their website for more army information and news or you can visit the nearest army detachment centre in your area.

You could also try and be a GSO (General Reserve Officer) where you will need to have completed military training at their accredited facility (RMC – Royal Military College in Duntroon) after which they will assign you to a corps dependent on your capabilities and skills. You could also be a Communications System Operator where after appropriate training you will be using your knowledge in satellite communications and radio to give important communications to your superior officer. Or if you are a tech junkie, you could try and apply as a telecoms technician for the Australian army. You could get to operate the really high-tech and latest equipments in the army.

Army careers can be as simple as being a soldier trained to go to wars & battles in foreign countries (Singapore, Iraq, etc.). It can be as complex as being an Automated Logistics Specialist, a Supply Chain Manager, a Human Resource Specialist, or a Petroleum Supply Specialist. In the end, what matters is the passion that you have for your chosen career path.


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