How To Choose the Right Color Pen for the Job

Writing is one of the most basic forms of communication. Normally, the words written can deftly define the message you are trying to send out. However, most of the time, you can augment the tone of your message or text by supplementing it with color. Colors can do a lot more than most people realize. Some colors may add a neutral tone to your text while other colors can lend a hint of emotion and passion. Others may seem professional while some can make your words come out a tad bit too casual. With all these in mind, here are some perspectives about the colors of the ink you should use in certain occasions.

  • Write with a black pen. Black ink is the standard and is considered to be a neutral color. It is known to be the professional color of choice when writing. Black is normally the standard pen color for business and professionals. Writing a piece or a copy or even a message using black ink won’t exude any other emotion except for the actual words written on the paper. It will not add anything to give the reader a hint of who you are and what you are about. It is neutral, clean, and professional. Hence, always use black for business and professional writing.
  • Write with a blue pen. Blue ink is considered to be cool, calm, and slightly casual. However, some environments can consider this a standard color because it is quite similar to the neutral effect that black ink can give to a text. Blue is considered to be cool and easy to the eyes, which makes it a way to exude just enough confidence mixed with a slight hint of casual thinking and writing.
  • Write with a red pen. Red ink denotes power and authority. If you are writing a message and want to express that you are not to be trifled with then do so with a red pen. This is the reason why teachers use red pens to check and grade papers because it will relay that they are in higher authority and that their grading system and knowledge in the subject should not be questioned. This being said, if you want to express authority, power, and supreme confidence through your writing, make sure to write it with a bold and thick red pen. However, be careful as to not abuse its power and not to overdo it since the reader may either find the use of red offensive or extremely scary.
  • Write with a green pen. Most people never really use green to write any kind of text but it actually is a good color to use since it specifically expresses growth and wealth. Green is also the color of the environment and nature that is why most green and environment friendly campaigns use green in their marketing materials. Green is somewhat a very friendly color as well so if you are writing a letter to someone and want to appear quite friendly and outgoing, use a green pen.

Other pen or ink colors can signify a variety of meanings but these top 4 colors are normally the most used and the most expressive. Remember that the color you use for anything you write will always express what and who you are. This being said, be careful in choosing the pen color and keep in mind that you may be practically laying your soul bare to the reader without even knowing it.


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