How To Contact the Postmaster General

The position of the Postmaster General in the United States was originally controversial because this rank had always been given to loyal party officials of the winning presidential candidate. It was perhaps deemed to be a payment to the support given to the president by a party mate. Though technology has contributed widely to the decline of using the postal service, the Postmaster General remains to be an interesting position in the United States. The Postmaster General employs a large number of people in his service and this position is no longer under the discretion of the president. Furthermore, his duties have evolved entirely from being a cabinet post to being an independent executive position where he runs the postal service as a profitable corporation.

If you wish to contact the Postmaster General here are some of the steps:

  • Draft a letter. Making a draft will allow you to decide the points you want to raise in your letter. This will also help you avoid using too much paper. If you can, try writing your initial draft on a scratch paper. You may also use a computer. In your letter, state whatever opinion you have regarding the service of the postal service system under his management. Make inquiries about the policies that the system currently uses. State your suggestion regarding the postal process.
  • Finalize your letter. The Postmaster General probably has an e-mail, but since he presides over the traditional mail, it is wise that you put your finalized thoughts to paper and mail this to him. Read the final draft before you write it to check if you failed to raise some points, or there are errors in your grammar.
  • Put your letter in an envelope and address it to the Postmaster General. Remember that snail mail is guaranteed confidential. By using the postal service, you are ensured that your letter will reach only him. Carefully place the following address in the envelope. You need to verify the address first before you write it in the envelope so you will have an assurance that your letter will be delivered to the right address.
  • Buy the necessary amount of stamps. A letter cannot be delivered without the right amount of stamps. Make sure your letter’s stamp corresponds to its weight so that it can reach the Postmaster General.
  • Be assured. If you want more assurance that your letter will reach the Postmaster General, have your letter registered. This way, there will be a written record showing that the indicated addressee, which the Postmaster General, that will keep you up to date. For registered mails, the recipient will have to sign the record to verify that he received a mail through the postal service.

The position of the Postmaster General definitely deserves to be under a watchful eye because the confidentiality of letters, documents and other written matters delivered by his men. Writing the Postmaster General for varying reasons concerning the performance of the postal system will be an easy task if you just follow the steps indicated here.


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