How To Create a Stand-up Comedy Press Kit

If you are working in the entertainment industry, having an up to date press kit is an invaluable tool. It helps the media outlets have all your pertinent information in one easy packet. A press kit contains your pictures, a brief history of your life, some work experience, future events and your contact information.

Even stand-up comedians need to prepare a press kit. Here’s how to create one.

  1. Hire a publicist to create your press kit. You will need to work closely with him so he can get your information correctly and get your kit to the right hands.
  2. If you don’t have a publicist yet, you can still make your own press kit. Collect the information and materials you will need.
  3. Start with some headshots and body shots of yourself. Work with a good photographer to get the best pictures. Remember that the pictures you include in your kit may end up being published in magazines and newspapers, so choose wisely. Invest in a good photographer since these pictures may even come back to haunt you. Even if you’re a comedian, you want to look presentable. If you don’t, years from now, you’ll look back and probably decide to use your old head shots as materials for new jokes. Label the pictures with your name and contact info on the back.
  4. Include a brief history of your life. Put accurate information but you don’t need to make it too detailed if you’re not comfortable releasing too much personal information. Write a little bit about your childhood and narrate what inspired you to enter the business. You can also include where you get your source material.
  5. Write in some of your past work and other places you have performed. Include any TV appearances and other cameos. If you have worked as a writer for other famous people, include that as well. However, if you are new to the business and have no credentials whatsoever, you can just write about your previous employment history.
  6. End with any upcoming shows and performances and include the cities, dates and venues you’ll be working. You may even opt to include that your services are for hire in corporate and private functions.
  7. Include your contact information. In case an agent or reporter wants to get in touch with you, give either your number or your agent’s contact information.
  8. Keep the mood light. As a stand up comic, you have the leeway to narrate your life story in a humorous light. Leave out tragic details of your life and your hard early life experiences. As a stand up, you should have some writing skills so there shouldn’t be a need to get a professional copywriter to do your blurbs.

Make sure the information in your press kit is updated regularly. Print out a few hundred copies of your kit and bring it with you to pass out after performances or during press conferences.


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