How To Create a Freelance Contractor Invoice

Freelance work is a hit nowadays. There are a lot of opportunities that can reward you financially. If you plan to engage in freelancing ventures whether in writing or graphic design make it a point to organize all your affairs. Thorough knowledge on how to come up with a freelance contractor invoice can help you efficiently oversee all the services and fees involved in your work.

  1. Find a way to sell yourself nicely. A simple document like an invoice can tell your client how dedicated you are at what you do. Make sure that when choosing the design or layout of the invoice, you bring with you an image of professionalism. There are two ways at which you can avail of templates. You can either go with prepared styles from Microsoft or Open Office or you can search the web according to your preference. If you have adequate technical expertise on graphic design then you might want to customize. Go with themes that are related to the service you offer.
  2. Avoid exaggeration. Although it will be fine to come up with an eye-popping invoice it’s ideal to keep the look simple. It’s important not to neglect significant details like the name of your company, the address, the email address, and the contact number. These information should be well spaced at the top portion of the invoice.
  3. Make an account of what you have done. Allot the succeeding space of your invoice for the dates and the services that you have provided. On a separate column place the amount that you and your employer have agreed upon. Bear in mind to provide separate sections for specific dates and services.
  4. Isolate the miscellaneous expenses. There are times when you have to execute extra amount of work to complete your task. These are the times when you have to pick up a document or a program or make a trip to the post office to mail a form needed in your line of work. If you and your employer have agreed to have reimbursements on these miscellaneous works then it’s better to provide another section in your invoice.
  5. Do the math carefully. Clearly indicate the total of both the services and miscellaneous sections. Put the figure below your invoice with the description of it being the total amount you have to be paid for performing services on an agreed time frame. You can opt to add in a statement of gratitude for the smooth business that pushed through.
  6. Due dates are very important. If the company has not provided you with a payment cycle then you have to assert yourself and indicate the date on which you expect to receive your payment. You have worked your part of the deal so make sure the company does its side of the bargain.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask for expert advice. You can engage in a consultation with a lawyer to determine the services and expenses that can be taxed. This will give you more control in managing your accounts.

If you are in the world of freelancing, a simple document like your contractor invoice should not be neglected. It is your medium in monitoring the smooth flow of your work. Moreover, it will provide you with a peace of mind that each hard work is compensated accordingly.


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