How To Darn Chevrons

Use military patches if you want to show honor, discipline, and strength. Military patches have a long tradition and you can wear it if you want to signify your contributions in the service. You can also wear a chevron patch because of fashion or a statement. It is easy to sew a chevron patch onto your garment if you have the proper tools and equipment. Sewing is the easiest way to fasten your chevron patch onto any garment because fabric glue and iron on patches will be easily removed through repeated washings. Through proper sewing, you can keep your patch on your preferred garment for a long period of time. Below are steps and guides on how to darn chevrons.

  • Get a chevron patch. You can buy the patch at various military apparel shops or you can create your own patch but read your Uniform Regulations Manual so you can determine the right place where to darn your chevron patch. Don’t forget that there are various chevron badges for every rank. Chevron patches have also different colors for various uniforms. If you desire to wear a chevron as a fashion or as a statement, then you can hire a seamstress to personalize a chevron patch for you.
  • Choose a thread that matches your patch. The thread must match your rank. Ensure that you have sufficient thread for sewing.
  • Start sewing. Thread your needle with a 3 feet thread. Pull the ends of the thread and create a knot. Hold your patch steadily and carefully as you start sewing. Pull your sewing needle from your patch’s bottom end then pierce your cloth with your sewing needle from above your garment. Repeat the process until you cover your patch will small and even stitches. You must create small and tight stitches so your chevron patch will look professional. If you’re done, create a knot inside your uniform to protect your stitches from loosening.
  • Finish your stitching. Continue stitching until there are only 4-inches of thread that’s left on your sewing needle. Use a scissor to trim any loose threads from your chevron patch or your stitches.
  • Put your patch on your desired spot in your garment. Ensure that the cloth beneath your patch is tight. As you fix the patch to your garment, check if the pins are aligned with the edges of your chevron patch. The pins must be around one-eight of an inch from the edge of your patch. Check the placement again to ensure that it is place properly. The measurement differs from each uniform. Use a tape measure or a ruler so you can properly place your patch on your uniform or garment. Avoid eyeballing because it can result to a uniform infraction. Don’t forget to check if your uniform is ironed and clean according to your academy’s standard.

During inspection, most officers will look for any loose threads in your uniform and patches so ensure that everything’s in place and order before you go into your training class. It is also a way to discipline yourself in becoming always clean and proper which is essential if you want to pursue a military career.


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