How To Donate Supplies to Foreign Orphanages

So you want to support a charity but feel that you can make a better impact if you cross international borders. A great way to do it is to donate supplies to foreign orphanages.

Orphanages abroad may not be as well equipped as the ones in the US. Oftentimes, these are over crowded and are in sore need of help. You may not be ready to adopt internationally, but would like to support a foreign orphanage. If you want to provide assistance, here’s what you can do.

  • Give cash. Money is the best thing you can give to help an orphanage, especially those found in other countries. The dollar when converted to local currency oftentimes enables the orphanage to purchase the supplies needed at a much lower cost. The orphanage will be able to better decide on how to best utilize the cash collected. Also, if you ship supplies, the orphanage may have problems with taxes and tariffs. If it is not a well-funded orphanage, they may not have the money to pay the taxes owed and so your donation may end up rotting in customs.
  • Choose an organization to give cash. There are many non-profit organizations that arrange the transfer of foreign aid given for charities in need. You may send money through Help for Orphans International at  or New Life International at You may also try Oprah’s Angel Network to help orphanages in Africa.
  • Let Cradle of Hope assist you. Through this group, you can give actual supplies that can be distributed to foreign orphanages. Cradle of Hope is a non-profit organization that works directly with foreign orphanages in Russia and China. Volunteer families are sent to the network orphanages to directly deliver the supplies. Items accepted at toys, clothes, shoes, vitamins and medical supplies, as well as arts and crafts materials and other items you think an orphanage can use. To learn more about this organization, go to
  • Decide on a country you would like to help. Many developing nations have orphanages that are under funded and need help. If you have recently completed a foreign adoption and would like to help the orphanage of origin, you can give your items directly. When you go to the country to visit a prospective adoptee or when you are ready to fetch your child, bring with you a box of items the orphanage can use. Do an Internet search to narrow down your choices.
  • Work with a church or civic organization. Pooled resources make for more effective and dramatic change. If you feel overwhelmed with the challenge of donating to a foreign country, see if you can get the community involved and work together. A church based drive may be a good way to find a church run orphanage in another country.
  • Deliver it yourself. If you’re going on a trip, collect some supplies you can carry with you and drop it off yourself at the orphanage. To find an orphanage to help out, visit an adoption agency that handles international adoptions. They may assist you in handling the delivery or give you contact persons to give the supplies to once you get to the country.

Supporting foreign orphanages is an excellent cause. If you encounter some difficulty, don’t give up. The children are counting on you!


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