How To Draw Medieval Things

The Medieval or middle ages date back to the 15th century in Europe. Although considered the dark ages, this period was highlighted with colorful characters that have long been favorite subjects for films and other forms of art. Kings and queens and their magnificent castles, brave knights and their ladies, court jesters and jousters, were all found in this rich period of European history. Medieval objects such as swords and armors, treasure chests, even the fleur de lis, were quite the rage during those times. The fleur de lis is a certain kind of flower that represented grand dynasties and other symbolic actions in the past. It was also a favorite among the old masters as a theme for their works of art. It is just as popular today, adorning clothes and for decorating purposes. Here are the instructions to draw it:

  • The materials you will need for this project are your drawing paper, sharpened pencil, eraser, a ruler, and an elliptical pattern. It would also be good to have a fleur de lis picture in front of you to be your reference. Begin by sketching in a line very lightly on the middle area of your paper, which will be how high your flower will be. Split the line into three equal parts, marking the specific points of the separated parts. Draw in a line horizontally on the second part that you have marked. This will be the lines you will refer to when drawing in your flower, which will look like an upside down cross.
  • Draw in a few triangular shapes at an angle of about 90 degrees per triangle on top of the flower. This can be done by placing a mark in the straight line’s center point meeting at the horizontal line above. Use a ruler to draw lines, which should be done in such a way that the lines reach the line drawn horizontally in the middle.
  • Using your elliptical pattern, draw in a spear, somewhat like a blend of an oval shape and the head of a spear. Try to make the perfect size by drawing in carefully. The spear’s ends must not be erased. On each side of the spear, draw in two half circles which will represent the petals of the fleur de lis. The lower areas of the half circles should lie atop the middle horizontal line. The upper areas of the half circles must meet at the two triangular shapes as well.
  • Start drawing in the bottom areas of the flower’s petals by drawing curves pointing downwards and making them meet the petals. A half-circle will form the underside of the petal. Join it with the base of the petal, which is also joined to the line in the center. Repeat the procedure when drawing in all the petals. Draw in a rectangular shape at the bottom of the petals to form the base of the fleur de lis. Remove your guide lines with an eraser.

The fleur de lis is a beautiful memory of things from way back, and continues to remain just as it was today. For French royalty, it signified light, life, and excellence, and has also adorned shields of other famous monarchs. It is no wonder that this beautiful flower still remains one of art’s most famous themes.


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