How To Draw Omega from Sonic Heroes

A fictional robot appearing as a character in the Sonic video game is Omega or E-123 Omega. Very similar to a character in another series, E-102 Gamma, Omega is the last of the E-100 robot series designed by Dr. Eggman. Omega has a tall head and broad shoulders. Little details such as more textured fingers that seem somewhat skeletal allow him to take on an appearance that is more humanoid than robotic with a silvery white stripe at the front of his body. Tiny grooves are also filled in on his flaps located at the body sides. These designs are an improvement from the older version of Omega. To draw this character from Sonic, here are the instructions:

  • The basic materials you will need are drawing paper, a sharpened pencil, and an eraser. Begin your drawing with Omega’s body. Draw a normal egg shaped figure. This must not be very slender. Under this figure, draw in a trapezoidal shape which is basically a four-sided figure with two parallel sides. Make this shape taper from a slightly larger one at the top moving down to the bottom of the figure.
  • To represent the shoulders of Omega, draw in two rectangular shapes. From these rectangles, place in a line draw vertically and slanting slightly to represent the arms of the figure. To give the shoulders some depth, draw in small block shapes at the back of the rectangular shapes. Outline some basic perpendicular lines to represent the figure’s arms to help you get an idea of the area where they are going to be placed.
  • Start to draw the head of Omega with a little more detail. Its head is quite small and juts out of the frame of his body. Start to draw the eyes before proceeding to place in a little shape to serve as his head right above. Draw firmly this time to sharpen your outlines.
  • The next step will be for you to focus on Omega’s body. Place a band cutting crossways on his chest using a basic rectangular shape. Place in two perpendicular lines with a parallel line in the middle to serve as the portion of his chest that slightly sticks out.
  • Begin to fill in Omega’s arms and legs. Draw two shapes in cylindrical forms inside the outlines you drew in, adding the figure’s hands and its fingers. Two more cylindrical shapes will be drawn within your trapezoid below to represent his legs leaving some space to draw in his feet. On top of your cylindrical shapes, draw in two slender tube shapes to represent the legs’ upper portions. Draw and shade in a circular shape at the middle of his lower and upper legs to serve as its joints.
  • Join in the cylindrical shapes of the figure’s forearms with slightly smaller cylindrical shapes and shape them at an angle. Complete your drawing of the arms by adding in a bigger but thin circle on top of the hands and draw some triangular spikes surrounding the cuff. Draw the feet of Omega below his legs, shading them to give them a metallic appearance.

Your Sonic robot, Omega is now finished. To add life to your drawing, color it with the specific shades of this Sonic character.


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