How To Earn HVAC Certification

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HVAC means Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. It involves technological expertise on the system of providing comfort indoors in the three areas involved: heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Those who provide HVAC services to homes and establishments actually have certifications. Without HVAC certification, an HVAC technician will not be allowed to practice his career. If you plan to take on this line of work, here are tips on how you can earn HVAC certification:

  1. Go through a training program. Under this training program, you will learn about the principles and application of mechanical and electrical ventilation, heating, air conditioning of a structure and even refrigeration. Be sure you are well versed in the fields of math, mechanical drawing, electronics and computer. If you lack skills in these areas, you may have to take refresher courses to re-orient and re-polish your knowledge before you undergo training for HVAC certification.
  2. Invest in some books that contain HVAC instructions. You will find these to be helpful while going through the training. You will note that there are diagrams and illustrations of various mechanical set ups for air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators and ventilators. These materials will aid you a lot in understanding the basic concepts of HVAC.
  3. Select the type of licensing examination you wish to take from the different specializations. Visit this site: for the list.
  4. Try to practice the practical applications that you learned through the training program. You may do so at home if you have some pieces of equipment on which you can try your skills. You may tinker with your own heater, refrigerator and air conditioner to get more ideas on how the systems of these gadgets work.
  5. Prepare the requirements for the examination. You may need to present a certification from the training school that you attended to prove you are qualified to take the test.
  6. Review for the test. Gather review materials online or from friends who have taken the test and passed. Get pointers from them too on how the exam went when they took it. Read information on the examination online or from printed sources. Answer practice tests to gauge how you will fare in the examination so you will know how much more to prepare for it. Do not be shy in asking questions from persons of authority regarding the test.
  7. Take additional training and study if, based on the practice tests, you did not do well. It is better to be sure that you will really pass the test rather than gamble your time, money and effort on the test if you are not sure you can pass anyway. There are online review courses for HVAC. Make sure though that you are enrolled in the class where you can have more training on the field of specialization of your choice. As you sign up for these online courses, read the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions page so you can have more idea on how the examination will go about.
  8. Take the examination. In taking the examination, just relax. Do not fret anymore that you have not reviewed enough. If you feel you are not going to pass the test, do not take it. Forego for some other day while you prepare more for it.

In this competitive world, you always need a certification in order to practice your trade. This is to safeguard people from fakes and posers whose motive is to always fool people while benefiting from their money.


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