How To Exercise Freedom of Speech

One of the best things about having a democratic country is that you have your freedom of speech. This is not readily available in all countries and it is one treasure that a country has especially in cases where there is a variety of opinions. The fact that you are free to talk and choose your stand on many things is a wonderful things, a real perk of celebrating diversity and maximizing one’s free will and opportunities.

Our forefathers did not make a mistake when they had a specific quote on the bill of rights against tyranny. This first amendment involves freedom of speech, and proponents of freedom of speech are fighters against abuse or undue monopoly of one person or group of persons in gaining consensus. There are many ways to exercise freedom of speech. Here is a short list to help you maximize this privilege: 

  1. Join a credit union. A union is the best way to ensure that your best interests as an employee is maintained, even in your job. This is freedom of speech at its finest, when you get to voice out all of your concerns. You just need to make sure that you are choosing a well-reputed credit union and one that really represents all the things that you believe in.
  2. Maximize your links and communications. Talk to as many people as possible. This is where you get to express your freedom of speech the most. You will have the chance to be heard only if you have an audience, to begin with. Be it through written or spoken form, you already possess the freedom of speech and you ought to harness that right accordingly.
  3. Online communities: blogs, social networking and the like. If you want to reach more people in less time, online communities, social networking and blogs are your best avenue. Of course, you will have to put things in a public place so that your freedom of speech gets its following and it gets somewhere. You cannot call it freedom of speech if you are the only one accessing whatever it is that you have to say.
  4. Pursue your own advocacy.  Lobbying, rallies and the like are all forms of advocacy. You can have either a passive or active one, depending on your personality and preferences. Your advocacy can compel others to embrace the same view and empower them to have the same verve for exercising their freedom of speech.
  5. Exercise your freedom responsibly. Your freedom of speech is a privilege, and as such, you have a need to exercise it responsibly. Take into account the level of influence that you have, and your accountability to all the people you interact with. Let your freedom of speech enable you to express yourself, but do not drive it at the expense of harming other people. Even if you have contrary views with another person or even the majority, make sure that you don’t offend sensibilities beyond ethical standards.



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