How To Fill Out a Government Grant Application

Any information you write in a government grant application can determine whether you will be considered. This is why it is important that you fill it out completely and accurately. Remember: One error can already nullify your application. Filling it out should not be a complicated process, but to help you, here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Get a copy of the form. Most government grant applications are now available online. You only have to search, download, and print the form you need. Make sure to make several copies so you will have spare copies to work on if you happen to make mistakes on the form.
  • Take note of the deadline. Knowing the deadline allows you to make a timeline for yourself to fill out the form and prepare all the documents needed for the grant application. The last thing you want is to cram and submit a carelessly completed grant application form.
  • Read the application form. This is too simple a task but is often overlooked. Whenever you are filling out a government grant application, always make it a point to read every detail and every line. To be sure, read the questions and instructions at least twice. If you submit an error-filled form, you risk losing the grant.
  • Supply the form with the needed information. Make sure to give all the details that you are asked to give. Clearly write your answers using understandable phrases and sentences. Also, avoid leaving a field empty. If the question is not applicable to you, simply write NA.
  • Research. If there is certain information that you have to give but is beyond your knowledge, try to make a thorough research on it in the Internet or your local library. Don’t make guesses or assumptions because this will put your application on the line.
  • Read the accomplished application form. When you are done filling it out, take some time to read and review the application form. Check that all information is accurate, complete, and readable. Read the form thrice to make sure that it is free of errors.
  • Have someone read your application form. To further check your application form, it is necessary that you ask someone to read and assess your application form. Ask him to spot-check the information, correct the grammar, and advise you on how to improve and make the form eligible for consideration.
  • Prepare the required documents. Depending on the government grant type, the application form has to be backed up by certain documents. Make sure to complete all these papers, and try to prioritize those that will need long time of processing. When you have all of them, put them in an envelope so you won’t misplace any of the papers. Begin to scan and save them in your computer if you need to send the application via email.

Send the application form and the supporting documents two weeks before the deadline. Other than email, you can also send the application through snail mail. If your application is approved, expect to receive the grant weeks or months after the deadline.


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