How To Find a Biotechnology Job Internship

Biotechnology is an increasingly expanding field. Instead of just being the stuff of science fiction, inventions and applications of biotechnology in everyday life are becoming more and more frequent, leading to biotechnology becoming one of the fastest growing and highly competitive sectors of industry. For the most part, it is an untapped resource for future college graduates, since the field of biotechnology has still not entered the mass consciousness.

While this field remains in its niche status, it will be best for you to enter, because of the increased employment opportunities and rapid developments of the field. However, in order to find employment, most companies require that you have prerequisites of experience and competence in the practical application of biotechnology. This requirement can be sufficiently complied with by completing an internship for a job in biotechnology. If you want to prepare yourself for a future in this exciting and highly relevant field, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

  • In order to enter this field, you will need to complete education that is relevant to the industry of biotechnology. There are already an increasing number of colleges that offer degree courses in molecular biology and biotechnology. However, these are not the only courses that are relevant to the industry of biotechnology. You can also explore enrolling in degree courses such as biomechanical engineering, pharmacology, and human physics among others.
  • Try to find out the different fields that make up the practice of biotechnology. Remember, this is a very wide field that incorporates a lot of disciplines. You may have a job working the molecular basis of different drugs, or researching enzymes of different wine-producing grapes and bacteria. There is no hard and fast definition of biotechnology.
  • You may want to look at specific careers in biotechnology. Reading what different pioneers have to say may not only be enlightening, but also inspiring for you. Dr. Maxine Singer and James Watson have given inspiring lectures and written essays regarding the field. You can also interview your friends who work in the biotechnology field, or you can directly ask employees who are currently working for biotechnology companies.
  • The National Health Museum website contains links to different specific careers in biotechnology. With the listing of the careers, you can search for companies that offer internships, and apply for internships in these positions. You will have to send out as many letters as possible – not all biotechnology firms offer internships.
  • You may even have to relocate for an internship. It is best to indicate your willingness to travel to different areas in your resume. This will not only broaden your horizons, but will also increase the options available for your internship. You can also look for the websites of major colleges and universities – these have research facilities that may require interns competent in the field of biotechnology.

Remember that you may encounter a lot of rejection in your search for an internship. Do not be disheartened, but instead, go ahead and persevere. You will eventually find an internship that will not only look good on your resume, but will give you an insight into the infinite possibilities of the niche that is biotechnology.


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