How To Find a Mortgage Wizard

The Mortgage Wizard is business software that lets you calculate your mortgage payments by entering information into its required fields.

Here’s how to find the Mortgage Wizard business software.

  1. Download it for free. You can download the trial version free of charge and try it out for 21 days. Download the latest version by clicking on:
  2. Switch to the pay version. After the trial period is up, you can switch to the paid software for a mere $21.00.
  3. Check the system requirements. System requirements cover all the Windows OS – which means any Windows product is compatible with this software. Just make sure you have the space in your computer for 1.67MB file size.

This very helpful online mortgage calculator is an intuitive program that gives you the ease of calculating the following:

  • Mortgage payments (but of course!)
  • Total amount due for the month and overdue payments 
  • Remaining payments/balance
  • Amortization schedule
  • Interest rates
  • Minimum amount due if you can’t make a full payment as stated on the latest arrears

The Mortgage Wizard boasts of the following ease-of-use and up-to-date features:

  • User manipulation to scroll up and down the spreadsheet format.
  • You can edit and format according to what is ideal for you.
  • Allows you to use a password. 
  • Allows you to skip a password.
  • Immediately lets you view schedule of payments, updates, and reports by using and opening a default browser.
  • Bonus programs that let you know exactly how much interest your mortgage is racking up on a daily basis including the latest fluctuations in the mortgage industry.
  • Makes you create a payment distribution scheme based on how much you need to pay in the form of pie, line, or bar charts.
  • User-friendly screen shots, display, and organized printouts.
  • Calculates US, Canadian, and select foreign currencies equivalent to your mortgage payments.
  • Calculates your mortgage payments and loans for one whole year using daily interest rate factors to come up with the exact amount.
  • Flexible enough to handle payments that you might have missed, paid late, and converted to a lump sum settlement. 
  • Assesses fluctuating interest rates, payment adjustments, variances, and draw mortgages as soon as you feed the information. The assessment is generated by the software in the form of re-calculated figures so you are kept abreast of how much you need to pay.

What kind of financial and mortgage payments are helped by the Software Wizard? Any individual who is dealing with:

  • Mortgages on real estate property
  • First-time real estate buyers
  • Real estate practitioners (developers and agents)
  • Financial institutions that assist people with mortgages
  • Individuals who are in the process of passing on their mortgages

The Mortgage Wizard was started in the UK by Tony Gough and a team of financial and mortgage experts all of whom have a solid 65 years of experience in the industry. Working out of their New Milton, New Hampshire office in the UK, the Mortgage Wizard team has assisted many people about selecting the ideal and right-fit mortgage payments based on their current financial situation. This is a very useful tool in helping you make sense of your mortgage payments to avoid getting duped by someone who wants to pad commissions off your hard earned money.


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