How To Find a Telecommuting Job Online

The Internet is now widely used not just for personal needs but for managing businesses as well. This has resulted to an increase in the need for online businesses to hire staff to do administrative work to manage their websites and business operations online.

To save on costs in managing an office just to house one or two staff, telecommuting has become a growing industry all over the world where jobs are provided for work-at-home or home based workers online.

The industry does not just provide job opportunities for stay at home moms, but it also provides work for people who prefer to work at home rather than travel to a workplace. For the unemployed who have difficulty finding jobs near the places they live in, looking for telecommuting jobs online is their best option.

Before starting your search for a telecommuting job online, make sure you have the basic requirements needed to qualify. This includes the following:

  • The skill set to do administrative work, including an above average typing speed and above average skills in using at least the MS Office programs.
  • A private and quiet workstation with the least distractions.
  • A set up functional workspace that has a working computer with video and voice call capability and preferably high speed broadband connection.
  • An open work schedule that you can commit as regular work hours

To find a telecommuting job online:

  • Go to search engines like Yahoo and Google and write the keywords: work at home, work from home, telecommute, telecommute jobs, telecommuting jobs, telecommuter, home office, virtual assistant, or remote contractor. The results will generate web sites and company links that provide opportunities for telecommuting jobs.
  • Look for job portals and register to receive job alerts when telecommuting jobs are posted. There are specific job portals focused on providing opportunities for telecommuting jobs like the site. Craigslist is a popular portal where you can also search for telecommuting jobs in your specific, country, state and city.
  • Some recruitment agencies and job placement centers also advertise vacancies for telecommuting jobs. Visit online sites to check their list of job orders for placement.
  • Your local newspaper, newsletter or free published job finders would also have listings of classified ads searching for people interested in telecommuting jobs in your area. Get a copy of these publications and apply as instructed. Telecommuting Answer Lady is one site that can send you regular newsletters for free. Just register and read search through the list.
  • Make use of available networking sites like Yahoo job forums, MySpace, or LinkedIn to network with people currently working in telecommuting. It would be easier for you to know if there are vacancies and which companies offer good compensation packages.

Most telecommuting jobs are part-time jobs. You can search by location, job key words, and job categories. Focus your search on the job that best matches your experience and skills, use the following categories when searching for jobs.

  • Account Management Telecommuting Jobs
  • Bilingual Telecommuting&Part-Time Jobs
  • Computer Jobs&IT Telecommuting Jobs
  • Customer Service Telecommuting Jobs
  • Editing Telecommuting&Part-Time Jobs
  • Education & Teaching Telecommuting Jobs
  • Environmental & Green Telecommuting Jobs
  • Internet & Ecommerce Telecommuting Jobs
  • Marketing Telecommuting & Part-Time Jobs
  • Medical Telecommuting & Part-Time Jobs
  • Sales Telecommuting & Part-Time Jobs
  • Transcription Telecommuting Jobs
  • Web & Software Development Jobs
  • Writing Telecommuting & Part-Time Job


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