How To Find Internships for Medical Jobs

Are you a medical student? Do you want to augment and enhance your skills through additional training? You may be aware that there is normally a predetermined internship program as part of your medical school curriculum. Besides this program, if you are interested in doing additional internship programs, provided you can find the time for it, here are some tips on how to find internships for medical jobs.

A job in the medical industry could be in any of its sectors, such as manufacturing of medical equipments and surgical implements; the pharmaceutical industry where research and development is conducted to discover newer treatments and curative methods, the actual manufacturing process; in the healthcare industry where medical services are provided; in the non-clinical side of healthcare, i.e. the wellness industry, such as those centers that provide cures and remedies through herbal treatments, massages, spas and relaxation through non-clinical methods and techniques.

Firstly, it is advisable to ascertain the predetermined internship program that will be mandatory during your medical schooling; once you know what that program has in store for you then it is easy to choose those training programs that are interesting, but are not part of your curriculum.

Identify your sectors of interest for internship and then look up the local directories for prominent establishments and institutions in your area. Browse through their websites to check for internship programs - most establishments offer them. Further, you could consider speaking to the relevant heads of departments in your medical school or discussing the matter with your student counselor.  They will certainly have ideas for you on the right places to do an internship. Also, make sure to ask them for a recommendation. This will surely help in securing the internship.

An additional recommendation, again if time permitting, would be to volunteer with a reputed international medical aid and humanitarian organization that are working in some parts of the world affected by armed conflicts, rendering assistance to victims of natural and manmade calamities and disasters and so on. These organizations regularly need volunteers and a trained medical student is certainly an asset.

While internships in the corporate sector - both medical equipment manufacturing, medical services and non-clinical wellness treatment centers could be well remunerating, an internship position as a volunteer in an international organization may not fetch high monetary returns. However, it will bring you an enviable experience of rendering medical assistance in some of the most challenging environments under immense pressure and sometimes with very limited resources.

Whatever be your choice of place for undertaking an internship job, it is best advised to start early at least a year in advance of your internship period, make a shortlist of organizations, check up online websites for information or seek counsel from the faculty at medical school. Commence the process of application and paperwork in time to ensure your internship job goes through successfully.


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