How To Find Jobs for Secretarial School Graduates

Most businesses and companies have the need to hire secretaries and executive assistants to fill in administrative and support functions. In fact, you will rarely see a thriving business not having these types of employees in their payrolls. What most people don’t know is that secretarial and administrative services are a whole new career path in itself. There are a multitude of secretarial schools that provide training programs to prepare students for this career. If you are looking for a career to develop, secretarial and administrative services can be a fulfilling and rewarding option to explore. The first step to take is to enroll in some secretarial courses and training programs in a distinguished and accredited secretarial school.

There are many programs in a secretarial school than can prepare graduates for specialized secretarial careers. As a student, you can choose from many fields where your secretarial skills will be honed and developed. Legal and medical secretarial programs will provide you the training to function efficiently in these highly technical industries. These programs will train students in certain specialized procedures needed in these industries. Other industries like healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and information technology, will also require some sort of specific administrative support or services. Each industry requires focused training and procedural know-how in the specific field and the best way to acquire the secretarial skills needed is to enroll in some of the secretarial courses being offered in various secretarial schools. For example, a secretarial job in the healthcare industry may require the candidate to have training in medical office procedures, pharmacology, computer applications, and communications and human relations.

Some of the secretarial programs and training courses in technical colleges and 4-year universities can lead to degrees such as Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS). A lot of companies and businesses will require these degrees as a pre-requisite to administrative support and secretarial jobs.

Students should expect general courses in office skills, accounting, data entry, computer software, technical writing, and business law to be offered by various secretarial programs. Aside from these courses, a student may choose specializations based on the industries the student would want to focus on.

Choosing a secretarial program or school is very critical. It is important that schools or programs are properly accredited by local and national agencies. Secretarial schools in Boston, Chicago, and Montreal have very good programs and reviews. Using the schools in these areas as a gauge in picking a program or a school is highly recommended.

Budding and starting secretaries or administrative assistants should expect salaries to vary according to the industry, their skill level, experience, and location. Entry-level position’s annual salaries range from $25,000 to $28,000. More experienced candidates can expect to be executive secretaries and office managers and yield an annual salary ranging from $45,000 to $65,000. Increases in earnings can be attained with more experience and choosing an industry with better stability and profitability.

A secretarial career can be a decent way to earn a living. It can be rewarding and provide job stability. Enrolling in a secretarial school or program is the first step to heading down the career. Graduates need not worry as there are plenty of jobs waiting.


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