How To Find Jobs in Art Restoration

Works of art are treasures, not only of their makers but also of the whole world. History gives us a lot of great arts designed by the great artists of all time. Since most of the artworks cannot stand the test of time, art restoration becomes one of the solutions to preserve them for the future.  

For instance, some works of artists like those of Da Vinci and Michelangelo had undergone the process of painting restoration that makes them available for viewing to this generation. Yes, artworks might be a century old already, but with good art preservation, they appear like new and serve their purpose in the cultural heritage.

Restoring a wall designThe importance of art preservation is widely accepted. In its history, painting restoration and art cleaning, for example, faced a lot of challenges as some of the procedures changed or damaged the original artwork. However, with the help of advancing education, the challenges are increasingly out of the picture.

In the vast field of art restoration, the two most common jobs available for the educated are the art restorer and art conserver. Depending on the specialization of a restorer, he can be employed to do one or more of the following: book and paper conservation, electronic media conservation, architectural conservation, object conservation, frame restoration, furniture conservation, paintings conservation, photograph conservation, textile conservation, and the like.

To be able to qualify for this kind of employment, an art restorer and art conserver need to complete a study in Fine Arts. They can either have a bachelor's or master’s degree in the field. They do not only need to be well knowledgeable in terms of the arts, but they also need a bunch of knowledge in terms of making the art.

In the event of studying, a person who wants to get an art restoration job can specialize on a particular field. For example, he can master all the arts of one sculptor, a particular painting material, a type of artwork, or a particular era in history when the arts were produced.

When you have gained enough knowledge in terms of fine arts, then you are qualified to land a job as an art restorer or an art conserver. In this modern time, it is actually not that hard to land a job in the field, as long as you are armed with the knowledge and experience.

Since there are a lot of artworks that need restoration these days, employers include but are not limited to historical institutions, museums, libraries, and even private collectors. They all have different kinds of work for you to accomplish. For example, libraries often hire art restorers to preserve their old manuscripts. Museums, on the other hand, ask for the restoration of their art pieces.

To land a good career in art restoration, you should have sufficient education in the field. You can earn an arts degree online, and can also take online continuing education courses which will help you stay informed about innovations in art restoration. Keep in mind that whatever you do can either preserve or ruin a most loved artwork.


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