How To Find Medical Jobs in Qatar Hospitals

With the economy in decline, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are going to Qatar to find jobs. Aside from offering tax-free salary, Qatar also gives anyone, despite age and race, a good working environment.

There are several job openings offered in Qatar today and some of them are medical jobs. To help you land a medical job in Qatar hospitals, read the tips below:

  • Online websites of Qatar hospitals. One way of finding medical jobs in Qatar hospitals is by going directly to the websites of these hospitals. Find information about the hospitals by browsing their websites. This is important in getting the feel of each of the hospitals’ working environment. Using this information, determine the hospitals you’d like to work in. After this, browse the hospitals’ websites for their job openings and instructions on how to apply for the job. One website you can try searching a job in is the Hamad Medical Center website. Hamad Medical Center is one of the biggest employers of medical staff in Qatar.
  • Online job sites. You can also look for medical jobs in online job sites. Agencies and direct employers often go to job sites to post their job vacancies online for everyone to see. Browse in job sites and search for medical jobs in Qatar. To do this, look for the search feature of the site and type in “medical jobs.” Narrow down your search by putting Qatar in the location. There are also some job sites where you can specify the required years of experience of the job to eliminate the jobs that don’t apply to you.
  • Recruitment agencies. Another way of finding work in Qatar is to go to recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies serve as the middle man between employers and applicants in the hiring process. Employers go to recruitment agencies and give them details of what they need for their company. Recruitment agencies will then seek out applicants that are qualified for the given job description. If you’re going to find a medical job in Qatar via a recruitment agency, look for a reputable agency and submit your resume to them. Make sure that your resume is error-free and highlights your skills.
  • Network. Do you know someone who works in Qatar? If you do, grab the opportunity to ask him for any medical job vacancies that he knows of. Ask him nicely if he can do you a favor and look for job vacancies for you in hospitals. If he does find a vacancy for you, get the hospital’s contact details from him so that you can inquire about the vacancy further. You can also send him your resume with a cover letter and ask him to give it to the employer.

Avoid incurring debt to enable you to go to Qatar to search for a medical job. This is very risky because if you don’t find work immediately, you might not be able to pay your debt. Unemployment will also tempt you to incur more debts, making it harder to pay in the future.


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