How To Find Personality Tests for Job, Career Planning

Quite frequently we spend a lot of time, efforts and energy trying to just survive in the wrong job. The job may just have happened accidentally or been taken up in duress when there were not many other options available. While the job may by itself be fantastic, if it does not hold your interest it can be a nightmare as you force yourself to work in an environment which is a total mismatch to your personality. 

It is essential that the career you choose first and foremost meets your interests and further matches your personality traits such as your core strengths, skill sets, intelligence and emotional makeup. The chances of ensuring a satisfying career is high when you make a well considered choice to opt for a job that suits your personality profile. Having said this, the next question is obvious – so how do we match our personality to a job? It has been found that taking a personality test helps many candidates arrive at the right decision for the nature of job career plans they should pursue.

Personality tests are tools that assess you and help plan your career effectively. There are various types of personality tests you can opt to take and some of them are even available online, free of cost.  Do note that it is important to understand that the tests will not make a career decision for you, but are only a tool to help make an informed decision.  Some tests you can explore are: 

  • Aptitude Tests – This is a typical screening test used by employers to help assimilate an individual’s capability to learn and acquire new skills or carry out a type of work.    The tests are designed to assess logical reasoning and thinking ability
  • Personality Test – Aiming to test the individual’s psychological landscape, the personality test measures the individual’s personal characteristics, emotional makeup and stability. The test tries to answer questions such as: Are you a leader or a follower? Are you a pessimist or an optimist? And so on.
  • Inventory – These are checklists which include the required traits for a particular job. The test will help identify the individual’s potential by matching his or her interests against the checklist. Further it will help evaluate areas and occupations that match and do not match the individual’s interests.
  • Intelligence Tests - Intelligence is defined to be the capability of a mind to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend ideas, use language and learn. Thus, an intelligence test is conducted on a potential employee to assess his or her mental skills and their suitability to a given job. The tests are designed to measure the individual’s intelligence quotient (IQ).
  • Career Test – Finally, career tests help make a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s personality, aptitude and interest to match them to careers which are most suited to the individual.

Try anyone or all of these tests and arrive at a considered decision for the job that is suitable to you. This can also be tried by people who are already in a job, but desire to switch careers.


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