How To Find Volunteer Firefighter Training

Helping your community could come in different ways. Some choose to teach the children for free as a way of giving back to their community. Others volunteer as community night watch patrollers to secure the safety of their fellow citizens. Some choose to enter firefighting training and volunteer to serve their community. Firefighting might be very demanding for it requires your full commitment and entails you undergo hours of firefighting training, but it is such a rewarding way of serving your community while learning valuable lessons from your experiences. If you are willing to serve your community and be one of its dedicated firefighters, there many departments that are available for you to serve. The following are guides in looking for available volunteer firefighter training:

  1. Ready yourself for the commitment.  Being a firefighter requires you to be dedicated and hardworking. Before you can be volunteer firefighter, you will undergo extensive trainings to prepare you for the arduous tasks that lie ahead. Fire fighters are required to respond quickly in every emergency situation. Hence, most of their time is spent in the fire station. Before you decide to commit to a volunteer firefighting job, be sure that you have already thought it over many times. Nonetheless, fire stations are hardly different from any ordinary residential facility so you don’t have to worry.
  2. Find the nearest fire department. Many communities usually have their own fire stations. If you are willing and able for the service, then you have to contact your community’s fire service agency and ask for the requirements for volunteer firefighter training. If your community does not have its own fire department, you can visit where you can find a directory of the nearest fire stations in your place.
  3. Physical fitness. Physical fitness is important for any firefighting service, especially when you are assigned to be a wild land firefighter combating frequent forest fires. You have to consider if your physical conditions because the trainings will require you to undergo series of tests that will ensure you are fit for the volunteer job.
  4. Educational requirements. You have to be at least 18 years of age to be considered for a volunteer firefighter training and service. Fire services agencies also advise their potential applicants to finish tertiary level of education, which can be obtained form any community college and universities across the country. Some fire departments give apprenticeship programs to their applicants and allow them to study in fire academies which last to a maximum of four years. Moreover, they require their applicants to pass several types of tests. Fire departments usually encourage their volunteers to undergo a minimum of 110-hour firefighting training course certified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

Indeed, volunteer firefighting is not a piece of cake. It is highly advisable that you prepare your mind and body from the trainings to the actual response to emergency situations. It will surely take a lot of your time and commitment. However, in the face of the grueling tasks carried by fire fighters, nothing is more rewarding than helping your community and seeing that your loved ones and fellow citizens are safe.


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