How To Get a Book Published by Scholastic

Scholastic is an international publishing company that publishes educational resources for students and teachers alike. These books are distributed through book fairs or by orders. Known as the world’s largest children’s book distributor, Scholastic has made its way to attract popular media companies, children’s television productions, educational software publishers, and reference publishers such as Grolier to be a part of their team.

If you are planning to contribute to their compilation of wonderful reading materials and take part in their programs, you might want to get your book published by Scholastic. Here’s a quick how-to.

  • Write a brief letter describing your book’s contents. In your letter, state specific details about your book so that the company may get to know what you have to offer. This should include the subject and focus of your book, the age bracket your book specifically targets, the level of the book (if it is easy, average, or difficult), the type and method of learning, the reference materials, as well as any drills or exercises for students, etc. For a busy and in-demand publisher, you should make your introductory letter brief and succinct but containing all significant details about the book you want to push through. It would be most practical to do this using word processing software.
  • Include a Table of Contents. This part is very important as it will give your target publisher a general guide and outline of the contents of your book. On this page it is recommended that you also place the chapter, as well as the chapter heading of each and every subject matter your book will tackle. You might as well write a simple and concise description about every chapter so that the publishing company will get a clear overview of what the entire book is comprised of.
  • Attach samples of the drills and projects that are needed in the book. If the book contains drills, exercises, projects and assignments for the learner, attach samples of these per chapter. These are a necessity for every educational book intended for young students. Samples will also give Scholastic a general idea about your teaching strategy and writing style, and the way you demonstrate each topic.
  • Write information about yourself. Write a resume and include your teaching experiences. You may also want to include a list of any published work you may have had in the past, different forms of writing that you have published, and also interesting information or experiences that you may want to share. Attach a decent copy of your latest photo and don’t forget to include your contact information. This last part you should never fail to remember. You wouldn’t want to end up hopelessly expecting and waiting for a response which you may never even have, simply because of your negligence to put in your contact address and numbers.
  • Finally, after you have thoroughly proofread, edited and corrected your letter, print and submit to the address below.

Manuscript Editor
Scholastic Professional Books
557 Broadway
5th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Be familiar with the Scholastic and be part of their educational team that nobly assists every parent, teacher and student with a continually improving method of learning.  Simply go to their official website at Good luck!


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