How To Get a Copy of My GED Diploma

Earning your General Education Development (GED) Diploma is an achievement that opens doors to better academic and employment opportunities for you. Your GED diploma authenticates your competence and serves as a proof that you have had sufficient education, which is among the main qualifications that a number of companies and universities look for.

GED diplomas are usually given to individuals who have successfully passed the battery of tests. It is strongly advised that you keep your GED diplomas for future reference when you apply to colleges/universities or to different companies. If, by chance, you have lost or damaged your GED diploma, you need not worry because acquiring another copy is a breeze if you follow these steps:

  • Locate the contact details of the testing center where you had taken your GED. Usually, testing centers keep a copy of all your GED records, including your diploma, on file. You may request for a copy of your GED diploma by phone or by formally writing a letter of request and sending it to the respective testing center where you acquired your GED diploma. The testing may charge you a fee for the processing of your request. Be sure to enclose a check or money order with the said amount when you mail your letter so the testing can immediately process your request.
  • If you are having difficulties finding the contact details of the GED testing center where you received your diploma, you may visit the website of the American Council for Education and type “GED” on the search bar, or simple click on this link, GED Testing Service, and scroll down to find the link that allows you to locate the phone numbers and addresses of different GED testing centers.
  • Another option you have is to get in touch with the Department of Education of the state or county where you received your GED diploma. Usually, the Department of Education will have the request forms available online for your convenience. Simply print the forms, fill out the necessary fields, and mail them to the Department of Education with the processing fee (if any). Remember to enclose any proof of identification such as your driver’s license number, social security number, or your passport number just in case the Department of Education may want to verify your identity as the requestor.
  • Once you have your letter of request, proof/s of identification, and your payments ready, you can now mail them to the respective testing center where you obtained your GED diploma or the Department of Education of the state or county where you completed your GED. It is best to also include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your mail to ensure that your diploma will be sent to the correct address in the soonest possible time.

Your GED diploma is an important document that certifies your academic competence. As most potential employers may want require you to present your GED diploma as part of the requirements for hiring, it is best to always have a copy of your own GED diploma in your possession. Once you have obtained a copy of your GED diploma, be sure to keep it in a safe place where it will be protected from any damages and where you will be able to find it easily whenever you might need it.


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