How To Get a Job as a Celebrity Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is a person who aides and assists an important person in their usual business or routine. The task of a personal assistant depends on the position or status of the person he or she is taking care for. Here are examples of personal assistants and their roles:

  • Office and business assistant. Their main role is to take and make phone calls to clients, set business meetings and appointments and fix the boss’ schedule. Sometimes they are the ones who attend the meeting in behalf of their boss.
  • Executive assistant. Also known as a senior personal assistant. Their role is to observe the work of the employees and also gain managerial rights over them. Although the executive assistant has higher position than any other employee, the duty of a simple assistant is not removed. An executive assistant still schedules appointments and conferences and also arranges travel schedules.
  • Human resource assistant. The main task of this type of assistant is to recruit people, call and email the people who apply online and set an interview for them.
  • Administrative assistant. Their obligation is to complete reports and file administrative records.
  • Medical assistant. They are certified health workers that assist health care practitioners like doctors in giving care and services to patients. Their role is to take note of the doctor’s prescription, provide care ordered by the doctor and administer medications.
  • Celebrity assistant. This is considered as one of the best assistant positions because it gives you an opportunity to live with famous and rich people. As a celebrity assistant, your task is to assist celebrities, inform them of their schedule, answer phone calls and emails and set their meetings and interviews.

Since getting a personal assistant requires a lot of money, some companies and businesses hire personal concierges. These are the people who can do the same tasks as what assistants do but can only work for them for a period of time.

A celebrity assistant is considered to have the highest paid salary among the different assistants. Aside from salary, they also have the opportunity to travel with celebrities and experience what they are experiencing. Here are some guides and tips on how you can become a celebrity personal assistant:

  • Develop your skills and attitude. You should improve your skills depending on what type of celebrity you will be serving. For example, if you will be an assistant for a star who loves to eat, then improving your cooking skill will help you get the job easier. A positive attitude is always an important characteristic. You must maintain etiquette and always look your best.
  • Create an impressive resume. Once your skills are fully developed, it is not enough for you to be accepted. Creating an impressive resume is the next step. Do not forget to include the skills that you have especially those that you think will help you get the job more easily.
  • Find a job opening. These are commonly seen on newspapers or in television. You can also try searching online for more job openings as a celebrity assistant.
  • Apply for the job. This may be done through email, phone calls and, of course, personally. Be confident, use the tips you have learned, and show all the skills you have at your command.

Once you have applied for the job, all you have to do is wait for the response. When you get accepted, do your best to show your boss that you have the skills and the proper attitude to be the best assistant. If this doesn’t pan out, focus your energies in finding another client. After all, winners don’t stop trying.


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