How To Get a Job as a Video Game Designer

Most gamers who have played and mastered their favorite video games sometimes wish they could customize the game according to their rules. It gets them thinking new plots and game twists to bring a whole new arena to their current game of choice. If you've ever thought about that at one time or another, then why not try a career as a video game designer? You get to call the shots - from the technical specifications up to the rules that the game needs to function.  

If you're still unsure and really have no idea on its career requirements, here are helpful guide questions on how to get a job as a video game designer:

  • Do you have another day job? Many video game designers are in it for the love of it and not actually the money they earn from it. Make sure you have a day job to cover your expenses at the start, especially when you have legal obligations.
  • Can you handle the software? The most affordable method would be to practice in Xbox 360TM's free programming software. This allows you to conceive your personal XboxTM game. If you can manipulate this software, then video game designing is meant for you. Aside from that, you can put your game online and see if others are willing to play and buy your game. You get paid that way.
  • Do you know other people's game preferences? Try being a game tester while still earning your degree so you get a feel of what companies develop for a potential demographic. It is fun, it pays, and it trains you to keep on the lookout for bugs in the game. Keep watch for other people's partiality to a particular game type and try to create a market niche for them.
  • Will you be interested in getting (additional) training? Earn a reputable school's degree in Fine Arts specializing in graphic design. Most companies hire the right people with the right degree. On the bright side, this can be a form of practicum where you learn the ropes of a potential employer's business. Learn the terms and the necessary skills needed for this career. The techniques are just as important as the creativity you have. Take on workshops and seminars that will hone your skills.
  • Are you aware of the potential job description? Time management, task supervision, problem solving dexterity and working within the budget are highly valued abilities that possible employers look for in potential new hires. They do not necessarily look at the grades. Many big conglomerates are interested in the video game designer's work history and expertise.

The video game industry is a money-spinning trade that has opened many opportunities for video game designers. The surge in gaming hardware like the PSPTM, NintendoTM and XboxTM means more games to be designed, tested and engineered with other creative minds in the business.


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