How To Get a Job at World Courier Services

So you want to get a job at World Courier Services, one of the leading global courier and delivery service providers? Here are some considerations that would help you achieve your goal:

First, get to know more about World Courier Services. That would include knowing about the specifics of its offered services, as well as its features such as overnight courier services, its courier parcel and logistics courier options, its cheap courier alternative, delivery service options, its tracking technology, its storage offerings, its renowned clinical trial transportation services, its cold chain solutions, etc. Know also of some specifics such as how long it’s been providing service (40 years), its motto (“A service no one else can deliver”), and how many branches it has worldwide (a network of 140 offices in 50 different countries), among others.  By doing your preliminary background research on this company, you would serve double purposes: you would be able to score well during the interview by presenting your knowledge about the company as well as your initiative, preparation and motivation; plus, you’d be able to know what a job at the World Courier Services would mean for you.

Once you’ve done your preliminary research on the background of the company, find out which branches are nearest you. Go to its website at; you would find listings there of different branches per country. If you live in Singapore, for example, you would find that it has a branch on Ubi Road 1; the directory listing also displays its telephone number and fax number. If you live in the United States, you could contact their main offices at the given toll free number (so whether you live in New Hyde Park in New York or Wichita, Kansas you would be able to contact the same office with that same number).

However, it’s recommended that you apply for work at World Courier Services if there is an actual branch location near your place. This would of course be more convenient and practical for you, in the long run. Check for branch listings through the contact numbers displayed at their website.

By the way, what are the typical jobs available at World Courier Services? That would include the service area: receiving calls and delivery requests from customers, being the receptionist at the physical office, overseeing the storage of the parcels - most especially of highly sensitive equipment and medicines (for the clinical trial transportation services offer), and most importantly, being a driver and courier deliverer. Other areas that would require manpower would be maintenance and development of IT (especially since World Courier Services is an international company it needs its computer systems to be fast, speedy and efficient), the tracking of the progress of delivery through the software applications and the maintenance of its website; payroll and finance administration (that would call for human resource staff and trainers, accountants and payroll specialists); and advertising and promotions. To be any one of these, it’s good to have relevant educational background and previous related work experience.

These are just some of the ways that you could have a shot at a job at World Courier Services. The key here, as in applying for any other job, is to prove yourself to be reliable, hard-working, and able to do problem-solving and to be professional. In this case, remember: you’d have to live up to World Courier Services’ image of being able “to deliver”. Good luck! 


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