How To Get a Job in a Big 4 Company

There is a unanimous belief that a Big 4 company is the best way to start a career for accountants, financial consultants, tax specialists, etc. Most of us are well aware of those 4 brands: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst&Young and KPMG. Of course this highly regarded reputation makes it more difficult for job seekers to secure a place at those firms. To better understand who they are looking for and get some help for being hired by a Big 4, go through the below list of useful points:

Step 1

Education - As the main fields of Big 4 business are accounting, tax and finance; of course, some educational background in those areas would be useful. However, it may well be the case that people with totally different grades are hired.

Step 2

Communication skills - Among the soft skills that are critical for working in a Big 4, we may definitely put communication on the top of the page. Reason behind it is that most of the working Big 4 employees closely interact with the high level personnel of client companies. It carries more importance as those outside contacts often change and you have to find common language with a very diversified range of personalities. If your communication skills are not well-developed, you may be omitted regardless of your education, professional qualification and other skills.

Step 3

Creativity - Big 4 companies always looking for bright and creative personalities. So try to demonstrate your creative nature at an interview. Also be very personable, clean cut and articulate.

Step 4

Leadership - Leadership achievements would also be an asset for you. Try to list your lifetime achievements as much as possible. This may include leadership in school or university projects, involvement in the community, and some records in a team leader role.

Step 5

Readiness to work hard - Demonstrate that you are not afraid of working hard and staying long hours, if needed. Jobs at the Big 4 could be seasonal and busy seasons may force you to stay really late and extend your work day up to 10-11 hours.

Step 6

Diverse experience - If you have been involved in many areas of business and social life, it could really promote your nomination. The more diversified you are, the more value you bring to clients.

Step 7

Languages - Regardless of the country of your residence English would probably be the compulsory requirement. Speaking more languages would be an advantage in your favor.

Step 8

Excel skills - Working at a Big 4 presumes much interaction with external companies, so you'll always have to deal with different formats of data. Fast processing of various file formats would help you much and spare your time significantly.

Step 9

Internship - Try to grab this opportunity. Readiness to work for free is very valuable for recruiters. They will obviously consider you first, once vacancies arise.

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