How To Get a Private Equity Job

Private equity jobs are generally stable and are less vulnerable to the sways of market variations - making them particularly attractive in times of recession. If you'd like to stave off the economic crisis with a steady occupation, then you might want to consider looking into private equity.

The first step is to see if a certain company caters to one of your personal interests; it's better if these interests are highly-profitable, as private equity firms usually work with well-established companies. If you're a huge basketball fan, you might want to check out companies that are officially connected to the NBA, for example. You be more successful investing in something you're passionate about as the motivation will come naturally.

Once you've found a company that interests you, do a little research and see if the company has any private funding. If it does, find out who those investors are. Aggressively find a way to contact them - exploit each and any social and/or business network you have. Find an entry point to open up discussions. You may have gone to the same business school as one of the partners, or have a very good friend in common. Wheel and deal your way into setting something up with them, or at the very least get their contact information.

When you're ready to make first contact, be sure you're very professional about it. Call to set a meeting up. Mail your resume both electronically and through snail mail, just in case your email gets classified as spam. Include a cover letter that very directly states your intentions. A professionally-done proposal will garner more attention than a weak "getting-to-know-you" letter.

Make sure you know your stuff and the company's as well. Study the firm's portfolio intently and learn what sets them apart from their competitors. More importantly, use this knowledge to demonstrate how you could help the firm and would be a good fit. The key is to impress the investor enough to start recommending you to the other partners. You must come off as a good idea, and you can easily achieve that by looking up information relevant to the company and its competition on the web. Ask questions about their business model and gross margins - that will give them the impression that you are an individual who knows his stuff.

Be innovative. Show how your ideas and talents can help the firm by developing your own investment ideas. Draft a detailed plan to follow through with the proposal and present it to the investors. You initiative will prove to be an indispensable asset to the firm and help you get the job.

Lastly, be both patient and assertive. Understand that private equity firms are very busy, but waiting too long for a response may cost you the job. Follow up regarding the status of your application after a few days. Your persistence will show your desire to work with the firm and a passion for the job that will only make you a more attractive prospect for the partners.


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