How To Get Certified in Vibration Analysis

Vibration pattern

A business or manufacturing enterprise that requires the use of many types of machinery is productive if guided by a well-constructed plan and proper execution. Most of the mechanical rotating machines that you use in your company are undergoing random vibration that helps in the proper functioning of the machines. However, when the machines begin to age and through regular use, the bearings and components will eventually wear out. When the productivity span of the machines has been already met, the machines will tend to vibrate more. This is why constant vibration monitoring is important. To conduct this type of monitoring, you can purchase a vibration meter and get certified as a vibration analyst that will interpret and solve vibration-caused problems. This will prevent your machines from becoming totally dysfunctional.

Getting certified in vibration analysis is also a lucrative trade once you sign up with businesses and manufacturing companies whose production tools require your help for regular maintenance. Here is how you can get the certification.

  1. Stock up on knowledge: You can get certified in vibration analysis if you have a good working knowledge of the processes of vibration analysis. To do this, read up and learn more about vibration analysis. Log in to, a website which features articles about vibration analysis which you can read on. Another advantage with this website is that it also posts other machine-related articles on which you can apply vibration analysis. You can also use other books, magazines, journals or websites where machine-related information and articles are found. If you want a visual guide on doing vibration analysis, you can visit The website has an online tutorial about vibration analysis. You can learn how the mechanical vibrations of a machine can be measured and learn how to determine a machine’s working condition through the vibrations it emits.
  2. Practice your learning: After collecting information about vibration analysis, it is time for you to practice what you have learned from the books, journals and websites that you have checked. Try it out by getting yourself hired in a manufacturing business and taking care of their machines. Once you feel like you already have a certain level of mastery of the process of vibration analysis, the next step is to get certification.
  3. Get certification from registered institutes. For the final step, contact the Mobius Institute which will provide you with a comprehensive examination and practical test designed to measure your competence when it comes to vibration analysis. To ensure the best possible grade, take a reviewer course on all of the lessons you have learned. After you take the test, simply wait for the results that are posted on the Institute’s website. If you pass, the Institute will provide you with a certificate.

Vibration analysis helps in maintaining the good working conditions of machines. This process is very important especially for manufacturing companies. With these steps, you can be a vibration analyst that major companies will seek.


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