How To Get Donations for a Nonprofit Organization

If you are planning to set up a charity or nonprofit organization, one of the things you and your members should make a priority of is to obtain donations. Getting financial back-up is an essential part of you getting towards your goals. So if you're wondering how you could effectively get donations for your organization, here are some handy guidelines to help you out:

1. Obtain non-profit status. One of the first things you should do is to contact a lawyer and ask how your organization could obtain non-profit status. If you are officially a non-profit organization, companies who make donations to your cause could declare their donations to take the place of their taxes.

2. Write down the details of your organization. Similar to a business plan, you should also detail the following details: the cause you advocate, your current undertakings, your future plans, and your organization's history. By having these plans, not only will you be able to convince the potential donors that your organization is very determined and well-prepared in your advocacy, you yourself will be able to get a glimpse on how you could improve your plans for the future.

3. Happy volunteer with a donation boxGet as much publicity as you can. Remember: people won't be able to give donations to your organization if they don't know you exist. First, you should increase awareness about your particular advocacy. If your organization is advocating environmental awareness, for example, be sure to include data and statistics that will let people know the current environmental situation, and how critical this situation is. Be sure also to let people know how the current situation will affect their own lives.

After increasing awareness on your cause, you should state what your organization is planning to do about this. As much as possible, avoid giving broad generalizations; be specific about your action plans and have focused targets.

4. Contact companies that are related to the cause you are advocating. It helps to solicit to companies that are stakeholders to your cause. If you are advocating a cause related to the betterment of education, for example, you could contact book publishing companies and schools. This way, you'd be sure that the cause you are advocating isn't lost to the companies you are contacting.

5. Take advantage of social networking sites. Again, be sure that you get as much opportunity to advertise your organization as you can. Create a fan page at Facebook, and invite people to join. Include pictures and details about your causes.

6. Keep the donors updated. Remember, you need to maintain a solid reputation as a nonprofit organization, not only as a matter of professionalism but also so it would be easier for you to obtain donations in the future. Make sure that you update all your donors about your organization's activities, and that you keep your correspondence with them regularly, through emails and newsletters.

There you have it! These are some of the easy steps that you could get donations for your nonprofit organization. Good luck, and hope this helped you out! 


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