How To Get Free Police Equipment

Do you need some police equipment? Here are some suggestions so you can get them for free: 

  1. Be ready to explain why you need the police equipment. There are two good justifications to give. First, you are a military member from the military services. You need the equipment in order to supplement the gears released to your branch. Second, you are from a security company. The police-issued equipment can definitely enhance you day-to-day manning operations.
  2. Get in touch with the police department in your local community. Initially, find out about their events – sales, auctions, liquidations. These are regular activities meant to phase out outdated police equipment. You don’t need to be part of those police events. However, you have to note when they are already finished. After a week or so, the police department is supposed to list down the surplus goods and the unsold phased-out equipment. They are meant to be donated. Submit a letter of proposal to the police department and signify your intent.
  3. Establish network with bigger police agencies. Do this only if your attempt to tap the local police department doesn’t work as planned. You may target your sheriff’s department, your highway patrol division, or your county officials and marshals. If you are aggressive enough, you may touch base with the Homeland Security, the CIA, the FBI, or the armed-services of the military police. Follow the instructions indicated in Step 2 to access their equipment for disposal.
  4. Coordinate with reputable dealers. Since they are entrusted to supply the police equipment, you may try accessing their surplus or extra inventory. You may start by visiting their official website. They usually publicly announce specific guidelines in availing some of the excess inventory for free. For example, check out They have already determined and implemented a program aptly referred to as the Guarantees Every Agency Results (G.E.A.R.)  The said program doles out tactical gears and firearms to duly-accredited law enforcement Agency – at no extra cost. You may also arrange to deal and trade with them old gears and firearms.
  5. Learn about the police consumer and trade shows in your community. Check out your local newspapers and magazines. They are always advertised. The participating merchants from these shows are required to donate a certain percentage of their items to worthy endeavors. They usually give out slow-moving stocks.
  6. Seek help from the Law Enforcement Equipment Program (LEEP for America). They concentrate on helping emerging democracies by funneling police gears to the police force. They have set criteria to assess the ones they can aid. LEEP has been cited for pooling used police equipment and donating them to Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s rising police agencies.

If the six strategies don’t yield results for you, you may want to start seeking for benefactors. They may be individuals or organizations that believe in your cause. Again, you may need to present a project plan. You need to convince them that their support is going to be worthwhile. Keep trying until you find a kind soul.


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