How To Get Into the Film Business

Getting into the film business or industry may be a very hard thing to do. But, with the right connections and talent, it is possible. The business is a very dynamic one. You do not know if the people will even consider going to the cinemas to watch a movie that you spent several months of your life working on. There are no guarantees of success in this industry. There are even people who will drag you down so that they will rise up or stay on top. Sometimes they just want you not to be successful. So, how do you get into the film business? Here are some tips.

Believe in yourself. Your family and friends may try to discourage you from entering this business because they do not want you to fail or to struggle with your chosen career. There may also be people who do not want you to succeed for some reasons that are oftentimes malicious. But you do not have to fear or falter. You will succeed if you believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to be successful in this career.

Free yourself from debt. You do not have to start off with investing money. Most of first-time projects fail. You can do things at first with low income or free projects. Or you pay off your previous debts first. You can start thinking about your first project if you are already debt-free.

Start at the bottom. Film making has many stages. These are :

  1. development, where the concept and the script of the film is being developed;
  2. pre-production, where there the creator will have to search for possible actors and other essential people;
  3. production, where the actual film is made, together with the setting up of props, venue, scene sequence and the like;
  4. post-production, where the film is being edited, polished and readied for release; and,
  5. distribution, where the film is being viewed in cinemas or distributed in DVD format.

You do not have to be the producer or the director instantly. You can start as a member of the production crew and work your way up. Be humble. Most people who started at the bottom are the ones staying on top of their field since they underwent all the stages of hard work and even unpaid labor.

You can be creative as you can possibly be. But the film business is still business. You have to possess entrepreneurial skills so that your film will be recognized and be saleable in the market. Remember that the film industry can make you or break you.

The film business is not a structured enterprise. Dependable and responsible people are often hard to find in this industry. You have to value what you are doing or going to. One's word of honor is very important in this industry, no matter how small a promise is. This will give you the respect that you deserve.

You do not have to be the richest person in the world to be successful in the film business. You just have to have the vision, the goal and determination to do so. The industry is a partnership of many people, from the top, up to the very bottom.


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