How To Get Involved with the Literacy Volunteers of America

ProLiteracy is an organization formed by Lauback Literacy International and the Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. This organization aims to provide better lives for adults by teaching them how to read, write, do basic mathematical computations and learn how to use new technology. The Literacy Volunteers of America have organization offices throughout the different states. If you want to get involved with The Literary Volunteers of America, follow the tips provided below:

Here are some of the tips that you can use if you want to get involved with The Literary Volunteers of America:

  • Give financial help. One of the ways in which you can get involved with the organization is by giving financially. You can go this in several ways. Some of the ways you can offer money to them are through electronic funds transfer, giving through a will or through stocks. You can also decide to give annuities that will benefit both you and the organization. When you do this, a percentage of your tax will be deducted.
  • Be an advocate. You can support the ProLiteracy campaign by being an advocate. You can volunteer in places near your area so that you can do your part in helping this cause. Go to the website Click on the ‘Ways to Get involved’ tab at the top of the page and choose ‘Be an Advocate’. On the page, click on ‘Volunteer locally’. You will be brought to a page where you can search by distance or by state. All you have to do is provide the zip code and the program services you are interested in and click ‘Find Programs’.
  • Be a member. You can be a member of the organization and help your community. There are also some perks in becoming a member. You get to join national and international advocacies, receive an instructor’s notebook that you can use and access some parts of the website that are exclusively for the members of the organization. The 2 memberships that are available are individual membership and organizational membership.
  • Volunteer as an instructor. If you do not have the capacity to donate money for the organization, an option you have for you to get involved is to volunteer as an instructor. Call the organization first to see what types of instructors they need. You can search on the Internet for the official website of the Literacy Volunteers of America website for your state. You will go through training when you are qualified. You have to spare a few hours each week so that you can learn all the basics of teaching.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you want to get involved with the Literary Volunteers of America. If you are planning to become a volunteer, you have to have the ability to work well with others, especially the students that you are going to be teaching. You might encounter some students who find it hard to learn so you must be patient. Visit the official website of the organization to get more information.


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