How To Get Paid as a Movie Extra

Have you noticed the crowd in a movie wherein there's a fight or sports event? It could be a scene where the main actor is shooting the ball during the last three seconds of the ball game and the crowd is standing and cheering because of excitement? Being a movie extra can be a fun way to spend your time because this can be the chance to get discovered, and even land bigger roles! Also, you will learn so many things in the film industry. A movie extra is needed when the film needs a crowd to blend in with the situation and it would even depend on the setting or location of the scene.

Read Magazines: The world of film already involves entertainment in trade magazines. If you take a look at the back of those, advertisements for internships, schools, and also film-related can be seen there. This can be a good source of information because you can find the opportunity from those magazines like maybe an upcoming film that is just a driving distance from you.

Look for Flyers: If a film needs movie extras, they will post flyers everywhere near the area of the setting of the scene to inform the persons who would be interested to be one. You should be checking every now and then your local newspaper if you are hearing that a film may be taken around your area because for sure, they will advertise there the movie extras they need.

Be an Early Bird: The advertisement regarding their need of movie extras will indicate what type of movie you are going to partake. Being an extra is on a first-come, first-served basis because usually directors want immediate movie extras. You should be early for you to be accepted. Your make up and scene on the film depends on the storyline of the film.

Join the Screen Actor's Guild: Becoming a member of this guild will really help you in many ways. Even though you are not the motion picture material, it will add up to your resume because this is a professional association of actors and actresses. Also, as an association, opportunities are pretty much available here.

Attend Theaters/Film Festivals: Being a volunteer in theaters or film festivals can start your career and this will able to build your skills as an amateur actor or movie extra.

Being in a movie is complicated but of all the jobs that you can do in a movie, the easiest would be being a movie extra. This may not give high amount of allowance but it really entails so many opportunities especially in the known location in the United States. You should not under estimate the career of a movie extra because they are the ones completing a particular scene in the movie. If you want to pursue this, just enjoy your career because maybe tomorrow you can be also one of the big stars and you can proudly say to yourself that you have experienced being an actor or actress even just starting from being a movie extra.


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