How To Get Professional Culinary Training

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The truth is, it could work with both men and women and anyone else who loves to eat. Cooking has evolved from a normal household routine into a science that has attracted many individuals who want to make a career out of palatable kitchen wonders. Nowadays, culinary trainings are among the most in-demand training subjects in specialty and vocational schools as the demand for professional chefs and kitchen workers continue to grow. Read on to find out how to get your own professional culinary training and pursue your dream job as a professional culinary expert.

One typical misconception is that in order to be a culinary expert, all you need is sound cooking experience. It is definitely an advantage but professional culinary training is more than that. In fact, cooking per se is just one part of the comprehensive curriculum that professional culinary training offers. While different schools may have different curricula in store for its students, the fact is that culinary training prepares one for the intricacies of the dynamic kitchen environment that is bound ahead.

Quality professional culinary training requires someone to have a good grasp of food history, the fundamentals of business management, and decent know-how of cost effectiveness and cost efficiency analysis. These are some of the most important skills that a culinary aspirant shall gain to be rightfully called a professional culinary expert. To start earning your career in culinary arts, it is best to know which culinary school fits you.

Here is a list of quality culinary schools that you can check out:

  • Kitchen Academy - Based in Sacramento, California, Kitchen Academy boasts of its expertly-designed curriculum that guarantees its students a solid background in professional culinary arts, techniques on cold cuisine, techniques on baking and making pastries, professional advanced culinary arts and intership programs to seal the package. To enroll at Kitchen Academy, all you need is a high school diploma and a passing score at its Wunderlic scholastics test with a score of 13 or higher. The good thing about Kitchen Academy is that it allows people to enroll online through an online enrollment portal and for those willing to relocate to its Sacramento facility, Kitchen Academy has a variety of housing options available. The school also provides financial grants and aid to those who qualify. Find out more by visiting Kitchen Academy online through its website
  • Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts - A world-recognized culinary art school that teaches you with French culinary arts and techniques, baking and pastry, garden manger, buffet preparation, plate presentation, principles of food identification, food and beverage composition, proper sanitation procedures, and other useful skills. Since culinary arts is a very broad subject, it is better to specialize in a specific culinary branch and start working your skills up as you move forward. Le Cordon Bleu has training facilities spread across the country for you to enroll in. check out for more details.


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