How To Get Speaking Engagements at Trade Shows

Speaking Engagements
When you need to know how to get speaking engagements at trade shows, one way is to review a speakers bureau listing. These are found online or wherever reference books are sold.  A speaker’s bureau is a great way to advertise for speaking engagements. The cost is minimal for a small advertisement that can double in value once a speaker's presence is established.

Contacting The Trade Shows
In order to learn how to get speaking engagements at trade shows, look for trade show recruiters who regularly place speakers at various shows. This may involve presenting speaking credentials from past events as well as qualifications for the particular specialty the speaker represents.  The goal is to become a "regular" circuit speaker with a specific group. This builds speaker prestige and credibility. Keep a record of all speaking engagements, and use this as a professional biography that highlights your venues and their significance.

How To Find the Best Speaking Engagements At Trade Shows

Trade shows are probably one of the best introductions to a public speaking career for someone new to public speaking.  If you know your product or service well, can arrange a unique format that holds the interest of your market audience and have a "hook" that makes trade show patrons look for your future programs, you can learn how to get speaking engagements at trade shows that will boost your position among other speakers.  That's the goal to aspire to.

Creating A Unique Trade Show Program
For most speakers, the first few trade shows may be somewhat uneven.  Take notes after each.  It's important to list the program subjects that received the most interest as well as those that received only a lukewarm reception.  This type of evaluation is a good tool for improving your speaking engagements.  Try to gather a list of patrons.  Simply have them sign a program satisfaction card that includes their contact information.  Begin to create a database with this data.  That way, when your next trade show speaking engagement is booked, you can alert prior patrons who add to the number of individuals in attendance.  Don't be afraid to include a question and answer session at the end of your speaking engagement.  It can be a refreshing break from the total focus on the speaker.  A question and answer session helps give the speaker an idea of how much of the information presented was retained.

Trade Shows With Pizzaz
If ever you've attended trade shows and found them to be rather dry, you already have a good idea of the pitfalls to avoid.  Speaking engagements at trade shows don't have to be uninteresting if your planning has been thorough.  Good planning is the best way to avoid any gaps in public speaking programs.


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