How To Get Started as a Freelance Sales Agent

A freelance sales agent is an individual who sells products for companies and earns commissions through each sale. This person is self-employed and works at his own time. He may also work for several companies who are not in competition with each other. Normally, an agent would try to work for agencies within a similar enterprise. The edge of a sales agent is that he is able to sell more products than an employed sales agent, who is limited to a single product. This job is particularly suited for individuals who are looking for ways to make more money without being tied down to a certain routine and specific working hours. The amount of money he earns will only depend on the amount of products he has been able to sell.

Being a freelance sales agent opens up immense possibilities of generating substantial revenue. It would be an advantage though to have some sales knowledge or experience to be more effective in this line of work. Be prepared for disappointments at times. Determination is essential to being successful.

Here are a few easy guidelines to get you started:

  1. Make a decision as to what type of products you are willing to sell, preferably those that interest you. Liking what you sell is half the work done. You arouse the curiosity of potential clients if they see how much you believe in your product.
  2. Once you have decided, get in touch with local companies who are in the business of promoting these products. Ask them if they are willing to hire you as a sales person of their company, selling for them at a commission basis.
  3. Submit a contract stating that you wish to be an independent sales agent. Study the commissions they are willing to offer but take into consideration the time and effort you will be spending, including cost of transportation, etc. Make sure the commission is worth it.
  4. Gather all the data and materials you need to study about the product you are about to sell. Be armed at all times with information for your potential clients, giving them a better understanding of what your product is all about. Be ready to answer questions they may have and show them you know what you are talking about. Be professional.
  5. If you have already established your status as a sales agent in your area, it should not be difficult to look for clients. However, if you were starting from scratch, an option would be cold calling until you have gathered enough referrals. Friends can also give you a head start. Talk to them about your product. Though they may not be able to purchase what you are selling, they could provide you with a list of other referrals that may be interested in your product. Visit business establishments and set up appointments. There is no room for being shy if you want to be successful.

Aside from the potential earnings a freelance agent could acquire, it surely is gratifying to be your own boss, free from competition, envy, or other office setting intrigues. You depend on your competence and knowledge to earn a living and look forward to income far in excess of a salaried salesman. If you think that you can develop good customer relations and have the right salesmanship skills, being a freelance sales agent could be the just the right job for you.


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