How To Get the High School Equivalency GED Degree

So, you are a high school drop out and have found that building a career without a high school diploma is tougher than punching a concrete wall. Yes, you can’t really weather life without at least having a high school diploma. Most employers won’t even consider you and you may find yourself stuck doing odd manual jobs here and there or worse just to get a few bucks in your pocket regularly. Fortunately, the US government is encouraging every citizen in getting a high school diploma at the least through a GED degree or high school equivalency. Normally, this will involve taking some classes for a short period and taking a series of state administered tests. Now if you think that the whole idea is a hassle, then here is a way on how you can take the tests and get your diploma fast and easy without having to set foot in a single class.

  • Look for the appropriate high school. Alright, most high schools, especially the public ones, will offer GED programs where in you enroll in the program, take a few classes, and take the tests. This is the way it is usually done however; the program wherein you take classes is not a pre-requisite which most people do not know. In reality, for as long as you can pass the series of tests, you can receive your high school diploma. The classes are merely recommended to help you study for the tests but if you think you can do without it then by all means skip it. Now, some high schools may require you to attend certain classes before they let you take the test on their turf but there are many schools that will accommodate people only looking to take the test. On that note, your first step is to contact every high school in your area or even your state until you find one that will accommodate your request. They will need you to fill up an application form to do this so make sure to request one. If the school has a website, then you can probably download it there.
  • Submit the application. Whether you downloaded the application form or got it by mail, fill it up as soon as you can. To submit the application, you may either mail it back or submit it in person. Remember to insert the payment when you submit it. To take the GED tests, you will be required to pay $125. Yes, that is it. Cheap, right? Well that is for the all the 5 test that you will take but some schools may allow paying in instalments on a per test basis.
  • Pass the tests. On the scheduled dates, take and pass each test to earn your GED. After a few weeks or about 30 days, you will know the results if you passed each one. If you did, then they will either send you the diploma by mail or require you to get it in person.
  • Consider taking it online. Some schools may allow you to do everything online including the application process, attending online classes, and complete assignments in lieu of the tests. For instance, some schools may only require you to take the online classes and submit a well-written essay and one test. You mail it to them and you get your diploma after 30 days. Fast, easy, and very convenient right?

As soon as you get your GED, you can reconstruct your resume to start applying for more legitimate and reasonable work. You may use the diploma to enroll for further schooling at a community college or vocational school as well.


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