How To Go to West Point

West Point is a prominent military school that offers top-quality education and training for aspiring cadets. Being a West Point graduate means securing a five-year job as an Army officer and being a part of West Point's prestige. Going to West Point is challenging, as West Point thoroughly screens its applicants. If you are determined to go to West Point, here are the steps you have to take.

  1. Think if you can make it. As a military school, West Point education is tough. If you manage to enter West Point, expect that you'll be pushed to your limits and disciplined rigorously. Aside from that, you'll be encountering various challenges during your stay. It is best if you have a strong personality and the physical hardiness to survive military school before even thinking of applying. If not, consider enrolling in other schools, or develop yourself to become suitable for the school.
  2. Know whether you are eligible. You must be 17 to 22 years old by July 1 of the year that you may be admitted in the school. You must be an American citizen or a foreign exchange student in America. You must be unmarried, and you must not be pregnant or have children to support. These requirements are given to ensure that the applicants are young and fit enough for the trainings, and that they don't have obligations that distract them from performing well in West Point.
  3. Prepare during high school. West Point looks in the applicant's background, most especially what the applicant has done in school. These are the recommended courses for high school: four years of English and math, two years of laboratory science and foreign language, one year of American history, geography, economics, government and related courses. If you haven't taken these up yet, do so in college. Have consistent good grades during high school and college; your academic performance will be checked. Acquire recommendations from your teachers and school administrators.
  4. Be a leader. West Point values leadership in applicants. Be a leader in every chance you get. Participate in organizations and activities that hone your leadership skills. Attend workshops and seminars about leadership as well.
  5. Be physically competitive. West Point students must be strong, agile and resilient. Be healthy and take care of your body. Participate in sports and have regular workouts. Being a member of varsity teams helps you become more qualified. You'll be required to undergo a fitness test and a medical examination.
  6. Do well in the SAT and ACT. Applicants are required to submit their scores in the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the ACT (American College Testing) exams.
  7. Get nominations. Apply for a nomination for you to go to West Point. You may get these through service-oriented nominations or Congressional nominations. Service-oriented nominations may be acquired when you are working in the Army or if you have participated in the ROTC, or if you have parents who work for the Army or are awarded the Medal of Honor. Congressional nominations are given by members of the Congress.
  8. Apply for West Point. Fill up the form at West Point's website or request for an application by calling (845) 938-4041, or sending mail to the admissions office located at 606 Thayer Road, USMA, West Point, New York. Wait for a response.

If your application has been approved, congratulations! You are now officially part of the "Long Gray Line."  You have a bright future ahead of you.


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