How To Have Donated Furniture Picked Up

If you have furniture that you do not need anymore, do not simply throw it away. There are plenty of people that do not have as much as you do. Some people have lost homes due to fires and other disasters and are trying to rebuild a new life, while others are formerly homeless and are having a difficult time furnishing their small home. It could be as simple as your neighbor wanting something of yours that you do not want anymore. So consider these things before throwing your old stuff away. Give it to someone who needs it more than you do. If you are interested in donating your furniture and other stuff, read the following steps on how you may be able to do so.

  • Choose the furniture. Before giving up furniture, make sure that you inspect it first to check if it is indeed good enough to be given away. You can’t give dilapidated furniture away. Besides the fact that it is an awful thing to do, it cannot be used properly. You also have to be sure that you do not want the furniture anymore. Once it has been given up, you cannot take it back anymore. Another thing, ensure that the furniture is at least clean. Giving it away does not mean you can just leave it filthy and expect it to be taken away.
  • How to give it away. If you plan to immediately give it away, simply putting the furniture on your lawn with a sign that says “yours for the taking” will suffice. People from your neighborhood that want that piece of furniture will ring you and ask for it. If you have a bit of time, go to your local church to ask about donating your old furniture. Ministers often help the less fortunate by giving an assortment of aides, one of them being giving donated furniture away. After arranging for a time and date, the church staff will come to your house and pick up the furniture for donation.  You can also use your internet and search for humanitarian organizations that accept donations such as old furniture. Organizations such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries International offer pick-ups of donations by simply entering your zip code in the search box and finding the nearest branch in your area. As an added incentive, donations are tax-deductible. When an organization picks up your furniture, request for a receipt as a proof of donation.

In conclusion, giving away furniture is one thing you can do to help your fellow man without much effort. Another thing, by giving your furniture away to people that you know, you are helping save the environment by minimizing the use of wood and the logging that comes with it. You are encouraging people to recycle old furniture, eliminating the need for constant waste and drain in the environment. With this information, you know have the knowledge on how to give your old furniture away. Help your fellow man and good luck!


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