How To Hire a Caricature Artist

To be a cartoonist or a caricature artist, it's important to first know how to draw.  While you don't need a full-blown formal education, a few online classes in art can help you develop your natural talent.

Cartoons and caricatures are used nowadays for party presents, Bar Mitzvah sign-in boards, and even by some businesses who want people to know about them through colorful and creative advertisements. This is because cartoons and caricatures offer a sense of uniqueness, and can often attract more attention than a normal photo or clip art. If you have a business yourself that you want to promote, or if you want something to give to a person or to hang on the wall of your workspace to help create a fun atmosphere, or are simply looking for a way to liven up a party, then hiring a cartoon artist to do caricatures might be a good idea. Finding cartoon artists who are up for the kind of business you have in mind is easy to do through the Net, since most of these artists work freelance and keep a website which will tell you how to contact them if you’re interested in giving them a commission. Here are a few steps that you can follow if you want to hire an artist:

  1. Decide if your caricature is designed to be funny and might have heads, hands and feet that are blown out of proportion to the character’s body. If you’re holding a party, it might be fun to hire an artist to do caricatures of the people attending, but cartoons can work too. Depending on the image you want people to have of your business, you can make use of a caricature or a cartoon in an ad. While you might find artists who do both, most specialize in just one and might not perform as good in the other, so it’s better to look for artists after you’ve decided what type of drawing you want.
  2. Check artist sample works. Conduct a simple image search in any search engine, using the keywords caricaturist, caricature artist, caricature super heroes, and the like for caricatures; and cartoon artist, cartoon illustrator, comic illustrator, comic artist for cartoons. Look at the images that will pop up in the search and see which ones interest you. You can click on the images and follow the link to the artist’s main page or gallery to check more of their art. You might also find a helpful how-to-draw section in their site if you’re also interestewant a cartoon or caricature drawing. A cartoon usually follows the normal proportions of the body, while a cad in drawing, or the artist’s blog that will help you decide what kind of person the artist is, and if you want to work with such a person. Normally, you will also find information on how to contact the artist in their site, as well as information about payment rates.
  3. Choose the artist based on the artist’s work ethics. The artist you hire doesn’t have to be the famous one who asks for a big fee, but it is good to hire a professional. Artists usually have their own special quirks, but these quirks rarely get in the way of a good business, and professional artists will deal with you in a business-like manner. Professional artists turn up their work in the appointed date—or show up promptly in the case of party caricaturists— although professionals also usually ask for payment in advance. Some amateur artists are content to get paid for their work only if the client likes it, but since there’s no contract and you haven’t actually paid for anything, they might also not be able to fulfill their obligations and suddenly drop the project.

If you want a cartoon or caricature artist closer to home, you can also check with your local talent agency or entertainment promoter for the names of a few caricature artists that they’re promoting.  If you're currently taking art classes, talk to your professors or to alumni and peer mentors for help breaking into the industry.


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