How To Join the Air National Guard

The Air Guard or the Air National Guard (ANG) is a reserve group of United States Air Force. Join if you love the Air Force and if you want to serve the United States of America. Below are steps and guides on how to join the Air National Guard.

Understand the history and mission of the air national guard. Don’t get yourself involved is something you’re not familiar with. Read books or research online about Air National Guard and United States Air Force. Don’t be impulsive in your decisions. Discuss your decision with your family.

Check the requirements of ANG if you’re qualified. Check your legal, academic, and physical qualifications. You must be in good health and you have no major psychological and physical handicaps. You must be at least 17 years old and you must have a GED or a high school diploma. Take the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery test or ASVAB and you must reach the minimum qualifying score. Your ASVAB score will determine if you’re qualified. Ensure that you don’t have any criminal convictions before joining.

Consult an ANG recruiter. There are Air National Guard service base in every territory and state. Check the website of ANG to find the closest base in your area. What’s comfortable about ANG is you can choose a base where you want to work. Talk with an ANG recruiter for guidance.

Visit the Military Entrance Processing (MEPS). Your recruiter will schedule the visit and guide you on your trip. This is where you’ll take the entrance physical examination and ASVAB. At MEPS, you’ll see that there are other aspiring applicants that want to join various military branches. Prepare before the actual examination; there are study guides at local libraries.

Start your ANG application process. Discuss the ANG fields where you’re interested in with your recruiter. Your recruiter will check your ASVAB and entrance physical test outcome and will determine the available jobs that match your examination results. Be analytical in job position offers. Make suggestions of what you want and what you can do. Check the benefits of the available job positions. Ask for some time before making a final decision.

Enlist yourself in ANG. Prepare all needed requirements after selecting an ANG field where you want to work. Schedule your enlisting date where you will swear that you are committed to ANG.

Basic training preparation. Report at MEPS before you undergo basic training. Your recruiter will arrange your basic and technical training schedule. You need to become mentally and physically prepared. You will spend time at your intake facility for your basic training preparation. Your training days will include orientation briefings, uniform distribution, records processing, I.D. card preparation, barracks upkeep training, drill and ceremony instruction, and physical training.

If you have been in Delayed Entry Program, then you need to take a quick mini-physical test to determine that you are in excellent condition. Also, if there are changes like medical problems or criminal charges that might affect your eligibility, then speak up to protect your interests.

The drill instructor will be your supervisor in your early military days. You will work with group of recruits of 35-80 people. Make the best of your training.


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