How To Join the DEA

When it comes to solving drug-related crimes in the country, the Drug Enforcement Agency, more commonly termed as DEA, is the elite agency that's responsible.  If you want to be a part of this elite agency, you have to qualify and pass the group's very strict standards.  This is usually a difficult undertaking, but given the prestige, this is a career that can be very rewarding.  Find out how you can start to be a part of the elite group.

  • First thing you should consider are basic requirements for joining the Agency.  All the information with regard to the agency is easily accessible to the public, which goes the same to other federal agencies.  The primary requirement for you to become a DEA special agent is that you must be no more than 37 years of age.  “Special agent” is the title they give to their field agents.  Another requirement before you become a special agent is you must be at least a bachelor's degree holder. The Agency also gives priority to applicants with exposure and experience in the field of criminal investigation.  Aside from special agents, the DEA also needs forensic pathologists, research specialists and more, but these fields have entirely different sets of qualifications.
  • There should be a local agent in you area.  Get in touch with the local DEA office, as they will be a point of contact during the course of your application .  As a requirement, applicants are required to undergo an orientation session in which the agency and the job description will be introduced to you.  This will help you decide about taking a step further.  Once you decide to go after the orientation, the application process begins.  Make it known that the whole process might take a year.
  • You will be required to take the examinations.  This will help the DEA evaluate your skills and aptitude, your understanding about the job, your intellectual aptitude and some other abilities.
  • You will then be required to undergo a rigorous physical test after the written exam.  The agency expects you to pass not only the drug screen test, but the agency also wants agents to be physically fit, especially given the rigors of the job.  You may want to consider starting this early to physically condition yourself.  Think about doing some gym workouts to get your body to an excellent condition by the time of the physical exams.  Among the most difficult parts of the application process is the PTT or the Physical Task Test.  It is a very complicated set of physical test that you will be required to pass before you can continue with the application.
  • The DEA special agent position is a very demanding and stressful job.  All aspirants are also required to submit themselves and undertake psychological screenings, not to mention the polygraph test, to ensure that you are psychologically fit to handle the job.  Moreover, the polygraph test will prove your honesty about your life's back ground.
  • The DEA will also conduct a full investigation of your history.  You may think that this is just the basic, standard background check.  But be aware that the DEA will delve deep into everything about you.  You may find this a little invasive but you have to recognize the fact that they need to know if you have doubtful alliances and whether you can deal with the demand and pressure of the job.

While the CIA and FBI gets all the limelight, the DEA is the agency that brings in those guns and drugs.  They are the ones who were able to get these things off the street and into the hands of the authorities. 


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