How To Join the Navy

Joining the Navy

If you're considering a career in the Navy, then you should know the proper way to go about joining the Navy. Here are some very important steps that should be taken when joining the Navy.

  1. The first thing that you should realize is that a decision such as joining the Navy should not be entered into lightly. This is a big decision and is a huge commitment on your part.
  2. When considering a career in the Navy, you should talk to family members and friends that you trust about your possible decision to go into the Navy. If you have any family or friends that have ever been in the Navy, you should discuss your choice with them as well. Listen to what they have to say about the Navy.
  3. Get rid of any preconceived notions that you will not be deployed overseas or into a dangerous area. When you are in the military, you must be prepared and expect to be deployed. It's what they train you for. You may never get deployed, but there's also a very good chance that you will. Be sure that you're ready for that type of commitment and dedication.
  4. Be sure that you're joining the Navy for the right reasons and not because you're running from something. The Navy is not a tool for you to run from something. It's a true commitment to your country and to the Navy.
  5. Understand that if you join the Navy, you could spend months out at sea and away from your family and loved ones.
  6. Call a Navy recruiter and ask them what the requirements are for joining the Navy. The requirements change from time to time depending on the current demand of recruits into the Navy. Make sure that you meet any age requirement and any high school graduation (or GED) requirements.
  7. Make an appointment with the Navy recruiter to talk to him or her in person to discuss the possibility of you joining.
  8. Make a list of questions top ask the Navy recruiter about joining the Navy. Questions should include things such as how long basic training is, what types of options for jobs are there, what is the exact procedure for joining, and how long does the process take.
  9. Coordinate appointments with the recruiter for certain things that the Navy requires before you join. For instance, you will need to take the ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery) test and have a passing score. You will also need to have a Navy medical examination.
  10. Through the entire process of joining the Navy, make sure that you're honest with your Navy recruiter. Also, be sure to mention any questions or concerns throughout the entire process.
  11. Before signing your final contract when joining the Navy, make sure you read through the entire contract and that you agree with all of the terms. Ask your recruiter any questions that you may have before signing the contract.


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