How To Learn Military Ranks

Many jobs have ranking systems, and jobs or positions within the various military branches are no different. From the Navy to the Air Force, military ranks are a hierarchy to help define the military personnel in charge of operations during certain events or battles. Military ranks vary in name from one country to another and one military branch to another but operate by the basic principles of a hierarchy in which higher level personnel are in charge or provide orders to military personnel in lower ranks. Learn the hierarchy of military ranks and the uniform specifications of each rank, in order to quickly identify a military personnel's ranking and to make a transition into the military easier.

Step One

Choose the country, and branch of the military you wish to learn the ranks of first. Do an online search to find a rankings list. Learn the ranking list first to learn the hierarchy of the military. Once you learn the ranking list, and then how to identify the ranks, you will be able to immediately determine which officers are higher, and which are lower.

Step Two

Learn the military insignias for each military branch. Military insignias are found on the formal and combat attire of each military personnel and signify the personnel's branch and rank. Each branch has its own badge design, and stripes and sometimes stars are used to signify rank. Less stripes, or stars, determines that an officer is of lower ranks than officers wearing insignias with numerous stars and stripes. Use the amount of stars or stripes, and the branch determined by the insignia to classify the branch and rank, in ascending order, with one stripe being the lowest and all stripes being the highest military rank for the personnel's branch of service.

Step Three

Combine what you have learned from studying the rankings list, and what you learn from studying the insignias of the military branch to help yourself determine rank, branch, and remember what level of the military hierarchy an officer is in relation to the other military ranks.

Step Four

Create your own set of flash cards, with the pictures of the military insignias with different ranks portrayed, and flash card questions of which rank is higher than another, or what rank belong to a certain military branch. This simple technique will assist you in studying and learning military ranks and increase the speed in which you identify personnel.

As a member of the military you will indefinitely learn the military rankings in order so that you are aware of who to take orders from under different circumstances. Learning beforehand, as a military recruit, provides an edge during boot camp training.


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