How To Locate a Homeless Shelter

Consider yourself lucky to have almost everything that you want plus all the things you need. Other people suffer from lack of one of the most basic necessities of living—a house. Being exposed on the street is not only dangerous but can also be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually damaging. Most homeless people suffer from depression and lack of self-worth. Many of them may appear fierce but the truth is, they only need help. They could use your help. Who knows, maybe helping other people will be more helpful for you. As the old saying goes, “Helping is both helpful for the helped and the helper.”

Volunteering or donating for a homeless shelter is one of the best things you can do to help the homeless. Homeless shelters have basic facilities to give a temporary house for the homeless. Some shelters have separate rooms while others are dormitory-like. Other shelters also have additional facilities like training center, kitchen, and school. The help you can extend depends on what the shelter needs. But first, you need to locate a homeless shelter. Try the following ways and decide where you can extend your help:

  • Check the Yellow Pages. Humanitarian services like homeless shelters are listed under the Community&Human Resources. Look for names that sound like a homeless shelter. Call the center to know more about their cause and ways that you can help.
  • Check the Internet. Craigslist and other free-listing websites usually have a page for non-profit and humanitarian efforts. Some homeless shelters post ads about their need for volunteerism and donations on these free-listing websites. Check the ads and see how you can help.
  • Ask spiritual groups. Church groups and similar groups usually have project for the homeless. Check with the local groups in your area. You spiritual teacher might know some project similar to this, too.
  • Ask friends. Contact friends who are most likely involved in humanitarian efforts like students and volunteers. These people are highly interested on helping homeless people. Even if not, they might still know some homeless shelter from their previous projects or affiliations.
  • Join online groups. Facebook and other social networking sites allow creating groups for a cause. Search in “homeless shelter” or related keywords and locate groups near your area. Joining or liking these groups will mean keeping you updated in case they need some help.
  • Check special websites. Homeless Shelters is dedicated to helping less fortunate people like the homeless. Websites like this one have a list of homeless shelters based on the state. Getting contact information of homeless shelters in your area will be easier with the help of these websites.

After locating a homeless shelter will be time to decide what kind of help you are willing to give. Ask the homeless shelter on how you can help. Some people donate their excess money and dedicate a part of their income for the shelter.

But you don’t have to give money at all. Giving away unneeded items that the home shelter might find useful is a good way to help while removing excess clutter from your house. Volunteering is another way to help if you can’t donate anything. Choose the best way you can extend your help. Any effort—small or big—is already a great help for the homeless shelters.


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